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8 habits to reveal your child’s inborn talents


We usually come across the children having lots of questions. These are the curious minds who want to know and explore everything.

‘What is this?’

‘How it is made?’

‘Why is it so?’

… and many such questions is the way to get familiar with the surrounding. If you think that only kids struggle about everything then you must know that the parents also get curious to know more about their child. Parents are usually excited to know the likes and dislikes of the child.

‘What the child would like to pursue?’

‘What will be the child’s interests?’

‘What kind of personality the child will have?’

many such questions elevate the parent’s curiosity as well. Children can’t answer all these questions thus the parents might find it confusing to know their talents. Here are some points that can help the parents to get the answers.


Children are always busy doing something all day. If you think that they just play all the time then you need to correct yourself. The children don’t just play they explore, observe, and analyze the things. They enjoy doing this thus to know their interests, watching them playing is important. This will help you to realize whether the child is interested in sports or puzzles and brain games. Give them choices like books, toys, etc, and let them choose. This will allow you to know your child more.


Introducing children with various professions in a playful manner will give them an idea about how the world works. They will try to know more about it. Various options will make them choose and explore. Music, dance, drawing is the things that they can comfortably choose from. Allow them to try their hands on instruments, drawing, painting, dancing, etc. This can be done with sports as well. Don’t keep them ignorant about the sports that you don’t like. Let them choose what they would like to play and continue.

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Allowing the child to explore things can also make them overexcited for activities like video games. This may lead to spending a lot of time in one activity. If the child likes to operate various devices like mobile, the computer then the child might be interested in its structure, mechanism, and design. But wasting the time should never be incorporated into the child.


Positive interaction is the core of any relationship. This could be a good way to know your child. The child may tell you what they enjoy doing every day. If you ask about the day to a child who has just returned from school, the child might tell you what they enjoyed and was boring for them. A simple and friendly conversation at home will let you know about the child’s interests and mindsets.


As the child grows they find it new to manage things like studies, sports, hobbies, etc. Thus management is an important aspect of doing various things in the allotted time. Skills if management can be incorporated into the child gradually from childhood. This will help them to manage activities of their interest.


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Once the child is aware of the matters of interest and is comfortable with it, introduce the child with competitions. This will make them familiar with ‘what needs to be improved?’. Never pressurize the child to win always. The goal is to give them a sight of where they stand in the skills and not to make winning as a primary goal. Support the child in competition as well as in improving the skills.

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Children have very good grasping power. They can absorb good things as well as bad rapidly. Parents should try to give them a good environment, thoughts, and communication skills. Giving them examples of ideal personalities like sportsmen, social workers, scientists, etc is a part of it. Biographies and stories of well-known people will help to incorporate perseverance and kindness in the child. Their hard work can inspire the child which may result in a thoughtful child.


A child gradually developed as an independent personality with their own choices and opinions. Parents should not pressurize the children to do the activities which they don’t like. They may have their own decisions sometimes. Parents should guide them in decision making but never disrespect their choices.

Most of the parents get a feeling of possession over the child. This may seem an obstacle to the child in developing the skills they want. Every individual should feel free to pursue the things they would like to. Thus parents should never try to suppress this right of any child.

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