Benefits of Self Publishing a Book
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7 Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

Publishing a book is a proud moment for every writer. In the process of publishing deciding the mode of publishing is crucial. Traditional publishing is generally adopted by writers to reduce the risk and workload, but hardly 5 percent of authors get succeeded to publish through traditional mode. But self-publishing in online or offline mode is something that will astonish yourself. If you work for the satisfaction and have fascinating passion then self-publishing is one of the best paths for you.

It is an exciting way to see your work on the shelves of retailers you choose. If you are planning to strengthen your career in writing then self-publishing is the way to explore, grab, and get benefited through opportunities out there. You may have various reasons to escape from self-publishing but you can’t ignore the positive aspects as well.

The benefits of self-publishing are under the spotlight in this write-up. Read on to know more.

Saves Time

Writing a book involves reading, thinking, and rethinking. It takes a lot of time and effort. Once the manuscript is ready the author can’t wait to publish it. In traditional publishing, you have to wait a lot. This waiting time seems irritating and you may lose your excitement.

The time taken in self-publishing is considerably lesser than traditional publishing. The author can decide the time and platforms for their work to be published. If you choose to self publish an e-book you will find it as a time saver.


Self-publishing is under the control of the author. The deadlines given in traditional publishing and red marks by house editors on manuscript seem frustrating sometimes. While in self-publishing the author can decide which part of the write-up should be edited.

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In traditional publishing, the book cover, blurb, and title of the book are finalized by the publishing house. The author has to implement the changes given by the publishing house. While in self-publishing author gives the final word about everything. Here you get to shine your creativity in your way.

Publishing team that you hire

Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

The author has to look after from cover designing to marketing in self-publishing. The author is free to choose who will work on which part of the publishing. Traditional publishing doesn’t allow you to decide this thus it is a great advantage. You can handover and distribute the work to the best hands you pick in self-publishing.

A similar advantage is with the selection of retailers and online platforms to make your book available for readers. You can explore various publishing programs depending upon the number of subscribers and the traffic they receive and then you can choose the best programs for your book.

Gain most of the royalties

When a book is published the writer receives the royalties depending on the sells of the book. Traditional publishing involves the part of the publishing house in this. The author receives the rest. This deal takes place depending upon the contract. Sometimes the author may receive a very little amount of money and only once or twice in the year which can be frustrating. If you need the control over gaining maximum part of the royalties then self-publishing is a profitable corridor to step in.

In self-publishing, there is less involvement of people other than the author thus the author can make a greater percentage of the royalties. Some publishing programs offer monthly royalties that are vulnerable. Self-publishing allows you to decide on which platforms your book will be available. Thus you can handpick the platforms that help you to make most of the royalties.

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Secure your rights

Self-publishing is a great way to secure your rights about the creativity of the book. While signing the contract in traditional publishing the author hands over some rights to the publishing house. The publishing house takes hold of the final decisions about the book. The book design, printing, marketing, and selection of retailers is done by the house in the conventional method. But the self-publishing allows authors to maintain their own decisions about the book publishing process.

Control on pricing

Deciding the price of the book is crucial and has an impact on its sells. The higher price of the book does not bring you good royalties if the readers do not appreciate the content. Being an author you can not decide the price of the book in traditional publishing. Unlike traditional publishing in self-publishing, you can decide the price of your book. This is a great advantage if you decide the price of the book wisely.

Guaranteed publishing

Have you faced rejections from publishing houses?

It happens because in traditional publishing the publishing house evaluates the manuscript before starting any work on it. Here the publishing house has the right to reject your manuscript and suggest some changes. This doesn’t mean that the publishing house is always right and your manuscript is wrong. Many famous writers have faced rejections even on their books which have broken the records of book sells.

This doesn’t happen in self-publishing because there is no rejection involved. The author is free to publish what they want in the way they decide on their own risk.

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Self-publishing is being popular worldwide. If you are passionate enough to get into the career of writing this is an excellent way to prove yourself.

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