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Body positivity: you deserve to have a positive body image


When we talk about body positivity, we come across various meanings of it. Loving your body, respecting self as well as other’s body, feeling good about own body features and many such meanings could be found. Every meaning of it will direct you towards accepting the physical features of every person without being judgmental.

Having a positive attitude about own body should never be hampered by social beliefs. We all come across terms like weight, height, shade, fat, thin, etc. These are various body features but many of us use these terms to judge people. Moreover, there are millions of people worldwide who feel bad about their own body features which exist naturally.

Have you ever took a count of the things your body does for you to survive…?

Lots and lots of activities that are being processed by your own body are vital enough to keep you alive on this mighty planet. Appreciate your body by creating a healthy relationship with it.

Here are some activities that will help you to accept happily that you are beautiful.  



We all know that everyone owns a unique fingerprint. Similarly,  unique growth rate, immunity power, and physical features give an individual an unique personality.

Now, will you promote the comparison between fingerprints of two people…?

Definitely not! Because it will be a waste of time. Comparing your own body with others can take you towards negativity. Thus comparison should be avoided.


Sometimes you might get stuck with the choice of clothes. Sometimes you try to copy the clothing style of someone. When you wear it, you may not feel comfortable and look good in that style. On this point, you get disappointed and play a blame game with your body.  This can lead to negative thoughts.

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What if, we choose and make our own clothing style…?

This is exciting and creative to do. You should choose clothes that improves your comfort and appearance. Don’t torture yourself by using the clothes that harm your comfort.


Dress for success

The mirror is the frame where we compliment ourselves. When you have so many things to appreciate, why should you always look from the eye of critic…? Make your mirror a source of positivity for yourself. Decorating the mirror and writing simple words like ‘You are beautiful’, ‘Impressive’, ‘You are sunshine’, ‘Ready to rock the day’, etc can give a joyful kick start to your day.


You should surround yourself by the people who fill you with positivity. The people who do not support humiliating anyone from body features will never try to hurt your feelings as well. Let your squad spread awareness among people and families. This will reinforce your self-confidence and build your personality. A happy squad will uplift your happiness as well.



The definition of being happy may be different for everyone. But being sad by assuming that people in other conditions are happy is a common feeling. Enjoying the things, qualities, and features you have is gratitude towards nature. Make your own definition of happiness including the things you have. This will make you feel lucky and contented. You can discover various ways that have made you lucky.


Self-analysis is realizing your activities, creativity, and the results of your actions. This can be done by questioning yourself. This will make you self aware. If you have negative thoughts about your body then you should ask yourself about what you have achieved from these complexes. The answer will be ‘Nothing’.

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Does it help you to become what you crave for?

Does it make you self confident?

Does it make you feel good about your body?

Absolutely not! So why should you prioritize negative compliments about your body?

When you realize that what you have is best for you then a feeling of disappointment vanishes automatically.


Exchanging good compliments can make you happy. When someone appreciates you, you should accept it. Sometimes people avoid accepting appreciation. Sometimes people could have doubts about their own good quality. You must have seen people saying that ‘Thank you but…’, this can reduce your own confidence. Thus learn to accept the compliments wholeheartedly.


Sometimes we use some abusing words for our own body. This makes you feel sad and depressed. Ask yourself that what would a person feel if you say abusing words to that person. When you avoid using such words for others, why should you use it for yourself…? Use the words that can help you spread positivity.

Never allow negative thoughts about anyone’s physical appearance. We all are unique in the way we are. We should celebrate it by respecting the self and the people around us.

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