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    7 Powerful tips to Exercise your Brain

    Tips to exercise your brain When we call someone an intellect, a brainiac, a polymath, a multitasker, we intend to appreciate that person based on exceptional working ability. This working ability is the product of the skillful processing of information by the brain. You might have seen that some people get stuck with simple maths problems while few people solve it inside the mind itself, some find it difficult to remember some details while some correctly remember the same. This happens due to the varying ability of the brain to store and process the information. This capacity of the brain can be improved by keeping it healthy and active. We…

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    Are you lacking motivation?

    Are you lacking motivation? What to do when you have no motivation? Do you have some great ideas that can work really well but you haven’t tried them yet…? This happens not only with you but also with every person during the journey of life. We think about these ideas but don’t actually work on it. Why do we tend to skip these great ideas…? This is because we don’t have a strong vision or motive. Lack of motivation could be one of the reasons. You might have come across a sluggish day or period when you can’t push yourself to work up to the mark. But when you hear…

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    5 Signs of depression in children during covid19 crisis

    We were habituated to a world where going out in groups, parties with friends, shake hands and high five were part of daily routine. Suddenly we came across an invisible enemy that affected the lives worldwide. Uniting to stay safe by keeping distance amongst people became a necessity. Schools, colleges, offices and many more premises closed down and everyone was at home. These sudden changes have left a great impact on our social as well as emotional conditions of our life. Being an adult, if you can get frustrated sometimes then what about the children…? Toddlers must be missing their play area in kindergarten, children must be in dilemma that…

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    Brain ageing: 8 powerful tips to deal with it

    STRATEGIES TO FIGHT BRAIN AGEING Have you seen a toddler reciting new words after you…? Most of the children easily recite the words which they heard for the first time. This is because of their high grasping power. Our brain cells are very young and active in childhood this results in sound memory. But as we grow older the speed of activities of brain cells ceases. This results in cognitive impairment. This impairment could have various reasons like lack of vitamins, lack of brain exercise, blood pressure imbalance, chronic illness, or many more. Brain ageing can not be stopped completely but you can definitely work to keep your brain young…

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    Poor Memory and Sugar Intake | impact of sugar on the brain

    THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF SUGAR ON THE BRAIN Sugar is a crystalline substance that is most popular in the world of sweeteners. It is used and promoted in almost all countries across the world. It is so common and widely used that it is known for giving a kick start to the day of millions of people. There is no group without a sweet lover. Everything has its positive and negative attributes. Similarly, with sugar; it can harm your brain and overall health if consumed at a higher rate. The sugar consumption changes the amount of glucose level in your blood. This glucose, if exceeded from the required level, may…

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    How to support loved ones struggling with coronavirus?

    In the past few months, we all are dealing with the word ‘Quarantine’ regularly. Being quarantine has become a necessity to stay safe in this time of the pandemic outbreak. We have prioritized social distancing and self-hygiene. The sufferers of COVID19 have been quarantined and are under medical observations. Quarantine is also referred to as confinement or isolation. We all are following the same at own levels. In all these activities what is being affected in parallel is mental health. According to the meta-analysis co-authored by Julianne Holt-Lunstad, lack of social connection heightens the health issues as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. She has observed that loneliness and…

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    What is an eating disorder and when to worry?

    Whenever we discuss health, weight loss, weight gain minor digestion problems are some common terms. Almost every individual experiences this every year. You must have heard people saying that  ‘I think I need to lose weight’. ‘Am I too slim?’ People coin different opinions about their body without taking the help of the professionals and try to change the food habits accordingly. The obsession with food, body weight, body shape, and height may lead to irregular eating habits. There comes a risk of developing eating disorders. Eating disorder is an illness characterized by irregular eating habits and a range of psychological conditions that can develop these habits. Eating disorders have…

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    Signs a child might be suicidal

    The word suicide hides an untold story of grief and isolation. This is the word we all avoid discussing. The major belief is that talking about suicidal feelings is not good. We have not created an environment on the dining tables that one can share a feeling of sadness and depression fearlessly without being judged. Many of us think that discussing such a delicate topic can disturb one’s mental health. This process of ‘Not discussing the feelings’ is the major reason behind suicides worldwide. Will you prefer 8 lakhs suicides every year in the world over discussing and understanding someone’s grief for few minutes…? Definitely not! An environment for good…

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