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    7 Top personality tests free and paid

    Top personality tests Do you remember how your teacher used to describe you in your childhood? Naughty, Sincere, Calm, and many such words may come to your mind. But can you define your overall personality in just one word? It seems difficult because every individual has a pallet of qualities which make one’s personality. Knowing the traits of personality and dealing with the situations accordingly is being popular across the world and it is important for the individual as well as public behaviors. Most of the MNC’s today take the top personality tests for recruitment. This test allows the company to know your personality traits. The report helps us to…

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    Signs you may be an extrovert.

    You must have come across the term ‘Extrovert’. What kind of personality do you imagine when you hear this…? Chances are, you remind one of your friends’ extrovert talks a lot and is always excited to take part in various activities. You may find yourself as an extrovert as well. But do the extroverts are only related to long talks…? No, this is a type of personality which consists of various traits. The prominent characters of extroverts here may help you to know extroverts in a better way. Indulging in conversations is the favorite part of an extrovert person. If you are an extrovert, you like to be around people.…

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    7 powerful tips to feel less tired during the day?

    HOW TO FEEL LESS TIRED DURING THE DAY The world is fascinated by goals, career, development, and much more. This resulted in our hectic schedules. While chasing the targets, to get worn out in a day is obvious. But the frequent inactive and sluggish day is not good. After the working hours when your colleagues plan a party. Do you always refuse to join because you feel tired? After a good night’s sleep do you seek your bed? Do you feel low every time that you can’t put energy into your work? If yes, then you need to curtail the activities that drain your energy. To achieve a good energetic…

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    6 Natural ways to boost memory

    NATURAL WAYS TO BOOST MEMORY “I forgot to do that mom.” “Sorry I forgot.” These are some common dialogues by many children. Is forgetting something is a serious issue…? Not many times. This happens with many people around the world due to the hectic schedules. But when you forget things frequently, it becomes frustrating. This can happen with the children as well. Forgetting pencils, material for craftworks, etc. can make them frustrating as well. This can be avoided by few memory boosting activities and games. At the early age of 3-6, taking efforts to boost their memory can become beneficial for the children lifelong. The natural ways to boost memories…

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    Life is Difficult or Advantageous: Locus of Control

    LOCUS OF CONTROL We all have a different perception of life. One might feel that ‘life is difficult’ while the other might feel ‘life is advantageous’. This contrast in thoughts results in unique personalities. Similarly, we all have a different locus of control which has an impact on our personality. You may wonder about what ‘locus of control’ exactly means? Locus of control is a term used in psychology that refers to your belief over the own level of control on your life. In simple words how much you believe that you can control the events by your actions. A book named ‘Phycology and Life’ by psychologist Philip Zimbardo explains…

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    9 Positive signs you may be an introvert

    Do you like being alone and quiet…? Do you enjoy solitude…? Do you find working alone more productive than working with a group…? If yes then it is absolutely fine because it could be the trait of your personality.  The personality of an individual the way of information is being processed. You might have heard the terms like optimist, pessimist, introvert, extrovert, etc. These are the various features a personality could have. The reaction towards the situation may differ from person to person. You may not find long interactions interesting while a friend of yours enjoys it wholeheartedly. Someone may willing to participate in group discussions while you find ways…

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    Body positivity: you deserve to have a positive body image

    When we talk about body positivity, we come across various meanings of it. Loving your body, respecting self as well as other’s body, feeling good about own body features and many such meanings could be found. Every meaning of it will direct you towards accepting the physical features of every person without being judgmental. Having a positive attitude about own body should never be hampered by social beliefs. We all come across terms like weight, height, shade, fat, thin, etc. These are various body features but many of us use these terms to judge people. Moreover, there are millions of people worldwide who feel bad about their own body features…

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    How sleep affects mental health?

    Have you heard your grandma telling you about her childhood stories…? If not, you must ask about it. Before 50-60 years, when today’s retired people were the youngsters, they had a very different routine. After a tiresome day, conversations with family, neighbors, and friends was the only way to relax. People used to sleep on time every day because good night sleep was the only and the best way to revitalize the body. Good night sleep was the key to their physical and mental fitness. Sleep and mental health are interconnected. Sleeping time is the time when the brain and whole bodywork towards the betterment of physical and mental health.…

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