Dealing with brain ageing
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Brain ageing: 8 powerful tips to deal with it

Have you seen a toddler reciting new words after you…?

Most of the children easily recite the words which they heard for the first time. This is because of their high grasping power.

Our brain cells are very young and active in childhood this results in sound memory. But as we grow older the speed of activities of brain cells ceases. This results in cognitive impairment. This impairment could have various reasons like lack of vitamins, lack of brain exercise, blood pressure imbalance, chronic illness, or many more.

Brain ageing can not be stopped completely but you can definitely work to keep your brain young for a longer time. Keeping your brain young means maintaining the speed and activity of your brain. This can be done by incorporating a few things in day to day life.

Balance the Vitamins

Vitamins not only support the body functions but also are an inevitable part of a healthy body. Brain cells also require vitamins like B12. Lack of vitamin B12 makes you prone to Alzheimer’s disease. The deficiency of this vitamin results in confusion and poor memory.

Similarly, vitamin D is also associated with brain functioning. Vitamin D takes part in memory formation and regulating glucose and calcium transport to the brain. Vitamin D deficiency may result in dementia and poor memory.

Major fluctuations in blood pressure affect brain cells. The blood veins of the brain are more sensitive to blood pressure changes. If you have a problem regarding high blood pressure, you must follow the instructions by professionals to reach the normal level. Hypertension threatens the working of the brain and in the worst case may damage the veins in the brain. Thus maintaining it helps to keep the brain healthier.

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Omega-3 DHA is a fatty acid that regulates the balance of acids in the intake and curtails the risk of neurodegenerative disorders as well. The omega-3 fatty acid can be obtained by the intake of cold-water fatty fishes like salmon, plant oils, and fortified food.

Nuts and seeds like flaxseeds, walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Intake of nuts helps in improving working memory.

Mental gymnastics involves activities that promote brainstorming. Brainstorming makes you creative and more active. This can be achieved by various brain games and exercises. Puzzles, sudoku, crossword, and board games are efficient ways to activate brain cells. These can also relax your daytime fatigue.

Dealing with brain ageing

Physical exercises

Daily exercise is beneficial for all the vital functions of our body. It is equally important for all age groups. Exercise works not only for your physical health but also for mental health. Thus it results in overall fitness.

During the exercise blood circulation improves which results in an ample amount of circulation to the brain cells. The energy requirement of the body increases in physical exercise. This promotes brain tissues to produce more energy within cells. Thus physical exercise results in a healthy brain.

Sugar and salt content

Higher levels of sugar in daily intake can be harmful. The excess amount of sugar elevates glucose levels in the blood. This glucose increases the risks of high blood pressure which can damage the delicate veins of the brain.

 Similarly, a high amount of salt makes the veins stiff which can cause cognitive impairment. Thus a balance should be maintained in the intake of salt and sugar. Check Poor Memory and Sugar intake here.

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Emotional balance

Emotional balance is important for the brain to promote working memory. Increased stress, depression, and distress results in dizziness and headache. In such conditions, the brain experiences the load and may result in phycological disorders.


If you have the addiction to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or any harmful component then you need to control these in time. Addictions attack on your immunity, body tissues as well as the nervous system.

The nervous system has its roots in the brain thus addictions directly hamper your brain through the nervous system. Lowered immunity prevents you from early recovery and hence it becomes more dangerous. The ability of the brain to work efficiently goes down thus addictions should be avoided to keep your brain healthy.

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