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Does Signature Matters???

We all take inspiration from someone very successful and adorable. That person could be anyone across the globe. Similarly, we also get inspired by some celebrities working in various professions. If we come across them we crave to get their autograph.

Have you ever wondered why we ask for an autograph…?

Autograph is a unique expression of the person or the signature of that person. It is something very important and unique graphism on paper by that person. Do only celebrities have these unique signatures?

Definitely not! Every individual has their unique signature which represents their personality and qualities. There is no common rule for signatures, everyone can have the signature of their own choice.

In Graphology, handwriting is analyzed to understand the vital and hidden qualities of a person. Similarly, the signature analysis also reveals the way person wants to have their impact. Graphologists are professionally skilled in analyzing signatures. They avoid giving comments on an isolated signature without a sample of handwritten text. This is because the signature shows how the person wants to show off people while regular handwriting reflects how the person is.

Various strokes can be seen in signatures. Every graphism has its own meaning and indications. Some strokes may mislead someone in knowing you through your signature.

Capital letters

When every letter in one’s signature is capital, it shows the feeling of superiority. These people try to hide their emotions and weaknesses. Behaving boastful or proving self as superior in public is their persona.

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A person having such type of signature may have handwriting which shows modesty and kindness. This could happen when a person wants to show dominance through the signature. This is how one can mislead if try to analyze the only signature.

Traceback signature

In this type of signature, the signature ends with a line below the whole signature. This line comes from the right to left and marks a track below the signature. Thus it is referred to as a track-based signature.

This shows that the person thinks about the past. It is difficult for them to move on or forget about the things in past. These people remember their past experiences and talk about them.

Small signature

A very small signature indicates low self-confidence. If the person having a small signature as compared to  the handwriting, shows less self-esteem; the person underestimates the self. These people think that they are not very much important.

These people may not try to be the center of attention in a gathering. This might be because they believe that no one values them. Sometimes they try not to be open up or talk about it with people. They believe that they lack things and will not be recognized.

Big first letter

Many of us have a signature which starts with a big letter. A big letter shows dominating and boastful nature. These people can be easily found bragging about the self in public. They may face hatred by people around them unknowingly. They try not to miss the chance to boast about their abilities in public. This seems annoying at times. Talking about their skills is not bad but bragging at the level of annoyance is not good.

I dots

If a person gives the dot on ‘i’ even in the conditions of a hurry, it shows that the person is keen about the details. This person tends towards precision and attentive behavior. The details and the right work are what they prefer. Such a person can be very well at handling very important posts.

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While the lack of dots on ‘i’ shows that the person is not concerned about details. These people can get distracted easily. Lack of attention and concentration adds to their behavior. This shows that the person has more chances of making errors at work.

Scribbled end

Scribbling at the end of the signature shows that the person is not interested in putting effort in work when it is about to finish. This may ruin the work at the end. When an athlete is on the lane, he needs to be focused until the end of the sport.

The scribbling shows that the person is not a very good finisher. The person may start the work in enthusiasm but when the finish line is close, the person slows down. This may result in a lack of success in the work.

Extra strokes in signature

Have you observed that some people write ‘m’ or ‘n’ such that it is difficult to understand whether it is m or n or anything else? There are strokes in these letters without any need. These strokes once in a paragraph is not an issue. But the frequent repetition of this reflects that the person can get indulge in some unfruitful activities. These activities may not result in a very important outcome.

Drop in the last letter

If all the letters in the signature are normal but the last letter has the dropping baseline then it is the sign of emotional conflict. This sudden drop shows that the person might have a load of emotions and thoughts. Most of the time these conflicts remain unsolved and unrecognized. This increases their emotional fight with self.

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These are some examples that you should avoid in your signature to portray precious qualities of yourself and avoid misunderstandings.

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