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Fiction vs nonfiction books 5 key differences

Fiction vs nonfiction: how to differentiate?

Many people have confusion between fiction and nonfiction. Do you have the same question in your mind, then this article is for you. Here we will be discussing fiction vs nonfiction books; the key differences.

Comparing the two types of literature

Fictional literature is made from the imagination.Non-Fiction is literature that is based on fact.
Its purpose is to entertain. You read to enjoy it.Its purpose is to give information. You read to learn.
It uses narrative elements such as theme, conflict, characters, setting, and resolution.It uses text features like the table of contents, glossary, index, labels, charts, photos, and graphs.
It gives readers a theme, message, moral, or lesson.It gives readers information or directions on how to do something.
Mysteries, romance, fantasy, crime thrillers are all fiction genres.Biography, cooking, health, and fitness, languages, travel, self-help, are all nonfiction.
fiction vs nonfiction
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