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How do I get a book published?

Do you want to get a book published?

You can publish your book traditionally or by self-publishing mode, in this article we will be discussing both these modes and the cost of publishing a book.

Difference between Traditional and Self Publishing

Are you done with the manuscript on which you have spent hours of effort?

If yes, then here is not the end. A wide world of opportunities waiting for you out there. Your script can be the next best book of 2020.

Many of us start writing on the genre of our interest. This time of weaving our ideas into words fills the author with excitement. A lot of effort needs to be taken to gain the satisfaction of writing. Once the matter is ready don’t keep it restricted to the shelf. Bring it to the light of publishing and marketing. This will help your work reach the active gallery of readers.

 The thing that prevents aspiring writers to go for the publishing process is a lack of self-confidence. Many of us feel like our written work is not worth publishing and what if people criticize us. Having faith in your efforts and being ready to try things always help. Once you are done with the write-up you should try to make it correct grammatically and verbally. This is the very first thing the author does before taking a step towards publishing.

There are two basic types of publishing i.e. traditional publishing and self-publishing.

Traditional publishing

Get a book published

Traditional publishing involves the collective efforts of the author and the publishing house.

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How to reach the publishing house?

How to proceed for publishing?

These are some major questions for budding writers.

The author should submit a proposal air query letter to the publishing house with the manuscript. Every publishing house accepts manuscripts on various online platforms as well. The editor of the publishing house reads the manuscript and then decides to make a deal with the author or not.

 The house purchases the rights of the Book from the author with the agreement of the author. In return, the author revives royalties. The percentage of royalties is in agreement with the house and the writer. This deal is the record of this agreement. The house adds efforts from printing to the marketing of the book.  Proofreading, printing, marketing are specially done by the publishing house. The in-house editor works with the writer to make the manuscript capable of publishing. The author can put their ideas on what to be kept and what should be curtailed from the manuscript.

Traditional publishing is time taking but the exposure you get is remarkable.


Difference between Traditional and Self Publishing

Self-publishing is another method of publishing your book. In self-publishing, the author has to do put the effort from writing to publishing. The designing, printing, and marketing part is done by the writer. This is a popular type of publishing nowadays.

Self-publishing in the form of the book requires the author’s money and tireless efforts. But in self-publishing, online platforms are preferred by the authors recently. Publishing in the form of e-book saves plenty of time and money. Online reading has boosted considerably in current situations. People approach online platforms for every small query or requirement. Thus there is no shortage of e-book readers. In e-book publishing cost of printing, distributing and shipping is reduced.

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Deciding the mode of publishing is completely up to the author. Traditional publishing is beneficial to make your book available on the shelves of retailers and getting larger exposure. Self-publishing allows the author to edit the content by own. E-book publishing reduces the cost of printing and distributing considerably. Aspiring writers prefer e-book publishing nowadays.

After all the content of the book matters. The book should be engaging and should convey the author’s thoughts in exact words. Readers appreciate new and pure ideas. Always be honest with your writing and it will pay off.

Myths and Facts about traditional publishing

Publishing Cost

The cost of publishing totally depends on the choice of author, number of pages to the size and quality of your book. Normally self- publishing companies charge 10,000 to 30,000 rupees to cover the cost for cover design, ISBN, editing and formatting the book, including listing on online portals such as like Flipkart, Amazon, Google, and others.

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