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Is your child struggling with learning challenges: know these 5 tips

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Is your child struggling with learning?

A student who is not late to school still doesn’t attend the lecture.

Can you guess the reasons behind this…?

He might have other important work to do, might have not done the required project, or might not interested in the lecture. These could be the common reasons one may guess.

Can you imagine a student hesitating to enter the auditorium in front of so many students and take a seat…?

He has the fear of getting spotted by so many eyes and their perception of him. This may lead a student not to attend the lecture.

Similar things happen with so many people worldwide, the reason is social anxiety.


struggling with learning challenges

The mind is the core of our thoughts, actions, and reactions. It has a direct impact on our personality. The mind is like a super active child whose favorite task is playing with thoughts. It is just like cartoons playful and impactful. When you hear the name of your favorite cartoon character, a clear image of it pops in your mind. It also starts to think about the context – the characters living place, its friends, and rivals. This is how the flow of million thoughts in your mind works.

Similarly, if we talk about the things that make you fear and anxious you start thinking about the situations as well. Feeling anxious for a very short time is normal for all human beings.

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Thousands of people can feel anxious about the same thing as asking questions, giving presentations, interacting with strangers, etc. Embarrassing experiences in past, isolation for a long time, being bullied by someone, lack of communication, verbal abusing can lead to social anxiety. A rare feeling of anxiety for a very short time is normal in all human beings but anxiety and aggression for a long time may lead to social anxiety disorder.

Common physical symptoms of anxiety disorder are:

  • Nervousness
  • Sweaty palms
  • Tensed expressions
  • Increased heart palpitation
  • Headache
  • Rapid breathing

If you find your child being anxious for a longer time and you tell the child not to think about anxiety. What will happen…? Similar to the example of the cartoons, a child’s mind will think more about anxiety. Talking about the things provokes thoughts related to the topic in a child’s mind.

As a parent, you can help children to stay away from the thoughts that make them fear. This can be done by engaging children in activities that will remove fear gradually.


struggling with learning challenges

The human brain thinks about millions of thoughts every day. The brain gets exhausted just like we do sometimes. This results in headaches or dizziness.

To seize the overflow of thoughts and freshen up the mind meditation is used. Meditation is helpful for everyone of any age group.

Meditative practice using basic steps of meditation can help the child to get away from the anxious thoughts gradually.


struggling with learning challenges

The environment in which the child is brought up has an impact on its personality. Childhood is the crucial time in which a child’s mindset takes a shape. Interact with the child about a positive approach towards the situations.

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Ask them about their opinion this can make you aware of a child’s growth mindset. If you find the child being sad and anxious for a long time, talking about harming people you can get the help from professionals.


Day to day activities allow the mind to think about everything related to it. The response of a person who meditates every day and one who doesn’t is different towards the stressful condition.

One activity a day that can relax a child’s mind, allow a child to feel happy can help a lot while dealing with anxiety. Simple things like reading, playing with friends, solving fun quizzes will keep the anxiety away from the child. These are some activities that can help to follow ‘Precautions are better than cure’.


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Yoga has its origin in ancient India. It is a set of physical and mental disciplines to achieve good physical as well as mental health. Yoga results in sound physical health and a relaxed mind. It is being incorporated as a daily routine worldwide. It is an impactful step towards getting reed of anxiety.

 Along with yoga, relaxation is equally important. Keeping the mind away from stress is a part of relaxation. Is it easy to relax a child’s super active mind…?

Definitely not!  Being a parent, you will have to involve the child in the activities that can allow their mind to relax. To do this Yoga is something that you are looking for. Parents are always worried about a child’s physical health. If you need to relieve your child from the trap of anxiety, yoga can play a great role in dealing with it.

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People with social anxiety think a lot about the situations that make them fear. The feeling of fear generates with the secretion of adrenaline inside the human body.

Avoiding the activities that trigger anxiety and fear is not the solution to the disorder. You can’t overcome the fear unless you face it. Trying to involve an anxious child in such activities and making familiar with the positive approach is the key to get freedom from anxiety.

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