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How to deal with Scolionophobia – school fear?

Scolionophobia: things you should know about school fear

“Children are not criminals and we don’t have the right to put them behind bars.”

Knowingly or unknowingly some parents not doing justice with their children. Everybody wants their child to have a normal life. But things not always go as per our dreams. It doesn’t mean you leave it to luck.

God tests our strengths with temporary hurdles, and the winner is one who able to overcome those hurdles.”

In this article, I am going to share with you a common phobia, if not addressed early can be a lifelong pain for a child’s growth.

Some researchers argue that student doesn’t like school, because teachers fail to understand certain cognitive principles and don’t able to teach up to the expectations of the students. They don’t deliver material in the right way that can appeal best to the mind of students. So if teachers follow the principle of cognitive science and understand how the mind works, the school can a better place for every child.

We shall not discuss what we can’t change. It’s not always possible to change the school, the workplace, or the place where you live. But we can change our emotions. So we should start thinking of our child rather than thinking of changing the environment.

School fear is not an inborn characteristic that every child has. We develop this phobia with times. But believe me, everyone on this earth is normal. If a child is attracted to scolionophobia or school fear,  nothing wrong in it. Developing positive and negative emotions are normal functions of your brain, but one has to know how to turn them into their favor.

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What is stopping your child?

Scolionophobia (derived from the Latin word scius, which means “knowing”), known alternatively as dickleinophobia (derived from the word didasko, meaning “teach”), is the fear of school. This fear arises for children due to the fear of leaving home (agoraphobia) and their parents.

Symptoms of Scolionophobia

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s apprehension about what will happen if I will do this or that bla bla bla… It may because it is your first day at school, the first day at a job, or you are going for a job interview.

Below are some common symptoms of Scolionophobia:

  • A feeling of uncontrollable anxiety when thinking of a school
  • Anxiety when looking at school items (School bag, books, pen, etc.)
  • Intense anxiety when near or inside a school
  • Inability to function normally, feeling powerless to control the fears
  • Muscle tension, shakiness, and sweating

Symptoms may be mental, emotional, and physical; it may be mild or can lead to a panic attack.

Scolionophobia Treatments:

There is no specific form of treatment designed for school fear. It can be treated with educational support therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and intensive psychotherapy. Parents and teachers can treat child on how to deal with fear. Below are some tools

School Fear

Educational Support Therapy

Educational therapy is a general term for one-on-one interaction of educator with the child, typically outside of school. Educational therapy is not the same thing as tutoring and qualified educational therapists can teach kids skills and strategies to help a child to manage his/her learning or thinking differences and improve schoolwork.

School Fear

Yoga for scolionophobia:

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga helps to regulate heart-rate variability, creating ability to respond to stress. A helpful tool to dealing with school fear too.

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School Fear

Cognitive behavioral therapy:

CBT is a short-term therapy technique that helps people to change their thought patterns by adopting new behavior pattern. CBT is a helpful technique to deal with scolionophobia, it can help people reduce stress, deal with grief, and face many other life challenges.

School fear

Medication for scolionophobia:

Different types of medications are used for scolionophobia including a number of anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants. Anxiety drugs often cause side effects so one need to be aware of the risk of medications too.

School fear is very common in our country and it should be dealt with properly.

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