• Benefits of Self Publishing a Book
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    7 Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

    Benefits of Self Publishing a Book Publishing a book is a proud moment for every writer. In the process of publishing deciding the mode of publishing is crucial. Traditional publishing is generally adopted by writers to reduce the risk and workload, but hardly 5 percent of authors get succeeded to publish through traditional mode. But self-publishing in online or offline mode is something that will astonish yourself. If you work for the satisfaction and have fascinating passion then self-publishing is one of the best paths for you. It is an exciting way to see your work on the shelves of retailers you choose. If you are planning to strengthen your…

  • Book Marketing Strategy
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    7 Powerful book marketing strategies

    Are you looking for book marketing strategies? Have you reached the stage of publishing your book? If yes then you might be excited about how to reach your target audience effectively. When the author chooses the path of traditional publishing then the publishing house looks after in the marketing part. But if the book is being self-published by the author then broadening the accessibility of the book towards the readers is crucial. You have to be keen on the modes of marketing for your book. Marketing the book and connecting with the target audience needs preplanning and consistency as well. Marketing can also start before the launch date of your…

  • get a book published
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    Difference between Traditional and Self Publishing

    Difference between Traditional and Self Publishing Are you done with the manuscript on which you have spent hours of effort? If yes, then here is not the end. A wide world of opportunities waiting for you out there. Your script can be the next best book of 2020. Many of us start writing on the genre of our interest. This time of weaving our ideas into words fills the author with excitement. A lot of effort needs to be taken to gain the satisfaction of writing. Once the matter is ready don’t keep it restricted to the shelf. Bring it to the light of publishing and marketing. This will help…

  • Symptoms of COVID19
    Stay Fit Tips & Talks

    Symptoms of COVID19: All you want to know

    Symptoms of COVID19 In the last few months, the world has witnessed something unusual and devastating. Every new year starts with lots of expectations, hope, and plans. But the year 2020 has become a furious roller coaster for all of us. Almost every sector in every field has experienced unusual changes. The reason behind this is a major outbreak of a virus SARS-CoV-2. The disease caused by this virus is named as COVID-19. This has affected lakhs of people worldwide and the number is increasing at an atypical rate. The number of people faced death due to COVID-19 has raised a feeling of fear across the globe. This virus is…

  • Mental Health,  Parenting Tips & Talks

    7 Powerful tips to Exercise your Brain

    Tips to exercise your brain When we call someone an intellect, a brainiac, a polymath, a multitasker, we intend to appreciate that person based on exceptional working ability. This working ability is the product of the skillful processing of information by the brain. You might have seen that some people get stuck with simple maths problems while few people solve it inside the mind itself, some find it difficult to remember some details while some correctly remember the same. This happens due to the varying ability of the brain to store and process the information. This capacity of the brain can be improved by keeping it healthy and active. We…

  • Working memory issues in child
    Parenting Tips & Talks

    Working memory issues in child: 6 powerful tips to deal with it

    Working memory issues in child Have you seen your child forgetting the activities the child was doing a few minutes back…? This could happen one or more times rarely but frequent repetition could indicate poor working memory. Working memory is the ability to store the processed information for a short time and use it to continue the task. Working memory is also known as WM. This is a mechanism that helps us to remember and proceed with the chain of short activities. This ability is one the state of development in children thus they may face difficulties sometimes. If you think that your child is alone who is struggling with…

  • 5 top personality tests sites
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    7 Top personality tests free and paid

    Top personality tests Do you remember how your teacher used to describe you in your childhood? Naughty, Sincere, Calm, and many such words may come to your mind. But can you define your overall personality in just one word? It seems difficult because every individual has a pallet of qualities which make one’s personality. Knowing the traits of personality and dealing with the situations accordingly is being popular across the world and it is important for the individual as well as public behaviors. Most of the MNC’s today take the top personality tests for recruitment. This test allows the company to know your personality traits. The report helps us to…

  • Mental Health

    Are you lacking motivation?

    Are you lacking motivation? What to do when you have no motivation? Do you have some great ideas that can work really well but you haven’t tried them yet…? This happens not only with you but also with every person during the journey of life. We think about these ideas but don’t actually work on it. Why do we tend to skip these great ideas…? This is because we don’t have a strong vision or motive. Lack of motivation could be one of the reasons. You might have come across a sluggish day or period when you can’t push yourself to work up to the mark. But when you hear…

  • Best books of 2020
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    Best books of 2020

    Best books of 2020: must read books by readers reviews Hey, do you like reading books? If yes then this is the best article you are looking for, just go through this reference list and share your feedback in the comment box. We would love to come up with more stuffs as per your feedback. Thank you in advance. 1/10 The Glass Hotel Best books of 2020 “The Glass Hotel may be the perfect novel for your survival bunker.”–Ron Charles, The Washington Post A New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Bustle, Buzzfeed, GoodReads, Houston Chronicle, Writer’s Digest, Medium, Washington Independent Review of Books, The Millions, Boston Globe, USA Today, and Women’s Day Most Anticipated Book of…

  • Healthy eating tips during COVID
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    Healthy eating tips during COVID pandemic

    Healthy eating tips during COVID A few months back we all used to gather with friends, dine in restaurants, involve in group discussions, and many more. The current condition is drastically opposite. ‘Stay at home’ has become a necessity to stay safe. We need to accept and follow the norms. Following an unplanned routine can easily make you lazy. Maintaining a proper diet can boost your immunity. Having a good immune system is very important to fight back with diseases. Good nutrition allows your body growth and regulates vital functions. Current conditions demand very good immunity to stay safe because precaution is always better than cure. Good food habits are…

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