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9 Positive signs you may be an introvert


Do you like being alone and quiet…?

Do you enjoy solitude…?

Do you find working alone more productive than working with a group…?

If yes then it is absolutely fine because it could be the trait of your personality.  The personality of an individual the way of information is being processed. You might have heard the terms like optimist, pessimist, introvert, extrovert, etc. These are the various features a personality could have.

The reaction towards the situation may differ from person to person. You may not find long interactions interesting while a friend of yours enjoys it wholeheartedly. Someone may willing to participate in group discussions while you find ways to escape out. You might have heard people calling you an introvert.

If you think that something is wrong with you then this could be because of the influence of society. According to the researches, less portion of the population is introvert. The major portion consists of an ambivert and extrovert people. These are the people who not just like but love social interactions. They can’t imagine someone prioritizing loneliness more than the necessity. These results in the questions they ask an introvert person.

‘Why don’t you talk?’

 ‘Why do you avoid joining people?’

 ‘What is stopping you?’

‘What is wrong with you?’

If you face these questions more often then you need not feel guilty or sad about it. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert because every personality trait has its own plus points. Being introverted or extroverted does not affect your workability and talent. Because of introversion and extroversion your personality and not efficiency.

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Here are some signs to which an introvert person may relate to.



Introverts are very good thinkers than good speakers. They can write their thoughts efficiently than expressing them. They have a distinct inner voice. They stay in their head to make plans, to observe things, to enjoy their activities and many more. This makes them more self-aware than extroverts. Self-awareness helps them to take decisions and they could be firm on their decisions.


Introverts prefer spending time alone to get energized. They spend this time reading a book, listening to songs, writing a diary, and many such activities. Spending a quiet evening with a cup of coffee makes them feel relax than a weekend at the party.

However many introverts like spending time with friends. But after social interactions in a day, they need quiet time to revitalize and feel more comfortable. Social gatherings make then exhausted and energy-draining activity to them. While extroverts feel more energetic after social interactions.


Do you have the ability to concentrate for a long time…?

Introverts have very good concentration skills. They spend a lot of time alone with their hobbies, this makes them creative and calm as well. They can deal with the situation with a calm mind thus their concentration is better. But being around a lot of people makes them feel distracted and they try to escape out to get some peace.


Do you notice the details that others miss very often…?

This ability of yours could be due to your introvert personality. A quiet person in the gathering is more composed and calm. This leads to a focused mind. Introverts observe the things minutely and can keep a record of it in mind. Thus they may know the details that others have missed. Thus it is said that ‘fear of the quiet person in the room.’

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When you have to involve in the interactions with strangers, you try to activate your public persona. You instruct yourself to exchange a smile, make eye contact, and to look like you have a great interest in the interaction. This happens with an introvert personality. Introverts feel like being fake while they need to interact unwillingly. Thus they try to guide the self to manage the situation.



Have you met an extrovert personality…?

Extroverts express themselves very often. If you are a friend of an extrovert then you might know their likes, dislikes, qualities, opinions on various topics, and much more. But this becomes difficult in case of introverts.

Introverts do not express themselves. They live in their mind and cherish solitude. People ask them to speak up. However, they may express themselves among very few people. They trust on less number of people to feel free with them. Discussing various things about themselves with many people does not add to their favorite activities.


Do you prefer staying in your room when you have guests in the living room…?

Do people tell you to talk with the guests at least for 2 minutes…?

This may happen with the introverts. People might consider introverts boring and lame when they avoid interactions. You do this because you basically don’t like to talk with people. This could add in your negative points sometimes because when you go to your workplace discussions are the basic and important need. Introverts avoid small talks with colleagues, friends, and guests. This results in a very small number of friends.

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When introverts have to do some group works, they avoid taking the lead. Have you come across such a situation…?

This may happen because introverts do not desire to be the center of attraction. A leader has to discuss, guide, and express a lot. Introverts do not like discussions thus they avoid taking the lead. A regular habit of not taking a lead can make them used to it. This may result in losing leadership qualities.


There are many misconceptions about an introvert type of personality. When we say that an introvert enjoys being alone, most of the people wonder about how could one enjoy being alone and quiet. When introverts avoid small talks people consider them boring. When introverts avoid taking lead people to consider that they are not an efficient leader.

Being an introvert should not hamper your skills. You should try to take part in various activities and to show your skills. You could get more comfortable with the people over a while. You could find yourself less introverted with some people and few situations in your daily routine.

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