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Small handwriting and its rewards

Small handwriting: A tale of personality

Do you have a fond of calligraphy or graphism in letters…?

If yes, you may have tried various font sizes and styles. Calligraphy in bold headings and medium-sized subheadings is easy than doing it in very small letters. Similarly in regular handwriting, you need to be extra conscious in writing very small letters if it is not your habit.

If you wonder about the small handwriting type and its perks then this article is for you.

Handwriting with small-sized letters is related to the intellectual abilities of the writer. This also shows the perception of the writer towards the surrounding. Large and bold letters extroversion while small but clear letters show modesty and reserved personality.

Everyone has been gifted with some perks. Similarly, people having small letters in writing have some vital qualities. Read on to explore these qualities.

Good Thinkers

Do you have a friend who writes in small handwriting?

If yes, you can ask this friend for a solution if you are confused in some conditions. This is because these people are very good thinkers. Small handwriting shows good logical reasoning. They do not end up in doing things suddenly or randomly. They think before actions. Their natural tendency is to gain knowledge more than the average person. This makes them versatile.


small handwriting is the first impression of Introversion on paper. The person having small letters in the handwritten text could tend towards introversion. There is nothing wrong with being introverted or extroverted because it is a type of personality you have. One may find peace in sharing while a calm and alone evening with a cup of coffee could be peace for the other.

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An introvert person gains energy and relaxation away from the crowd. They try not to be the center of attention in gatherings. They are dedicated to working and skillful in activities. Very small letters in handwriting introspective personality.

Concentration level

While writing small but readable letters, a person needs to be extra aware and careful. This skill of being aware of sharpens when someone has a regular habit of small handwriting. This increases the concentration level of the person.

This is how small handwriting is related to a too high concentration. These people are very good at academics and can work for a longer time.


Small handwriting shows scholarly thought processes and intellectuality. Good ability of reasoning in these people makes them intellect. Small handwriting shows their originality in ideas. They find it interesting to spend time with books and sharping various skills. Various philosophers have small handwriting.

Reserved personality

Introversion may lead to a reserved personality. Being reserved and not flamboyant has its benefits. These people are self-reliant and enjoy loneliness. They live in mind. They try not to be attention seekers. One can rely on these people for confidentiality.

Stress management

Small handwriting is related to good stress management. These people can work on good posts which to work in pressure sometimes. Dealing with higher responsibilities without being boastful is their character.

These people try not to emerge in group works and take a lead. But they work sincerely in teams.

Legible and illegible writing

Legible letters in writing but small in size shows that the person is shy or introverted but clear in communication. These people can be firm in their opinion and can speak about it.

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The illegible and small handwritten text shows that the person is shy as well as unclear in expressing their thoughts. These people try to hide various things from people. It is difficult to know them and approach them.

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