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7 Powerful tips to Exercise your Brain

Tips to exercise your brain

When we call someone an intellect, a brainiac, a polymath, a multitasker, we intend to appreciate that person based on exceptional working ability. This working ability is the product of the skillful processing of information by the brain.

You might have seen that some people get stuck with simple maths problems while few people solve it inside the mind itself, some find it difficult to remember some details while some correctly remember the same. This happens due to the varying ability of the brain to store and process the information. This capacity of the brain can be improved by keeping it healthy and active. We all focus on physical exercises to stay fit but considering a few exercises to sharpen the brain is equally important.

What if, these brain exercises will be joyful and engaging…?

Such exercises will not only sharpen your mind but also make you feel relax. Here are some brain exercises which can be helpful for all age groups from children to older people.


Exercise your Brain

When we come across a puzzle our brain tries various combinations of solutions. This happens within the fraction of seconds thus solving a puzzle helps to speed up the brain’s activity. Any type of puzzle can stand efficient in doing so. Sudoku, jigsaw puzzle, crossword, cards, and many more such games may take a few minutes of your day but can boost your mind to work for the rest of the day. Few board games like chess, ludo, and other dice games can also act as a lubricant for your brain.

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Exercise your Brain

Can you imagine a birthday party full of silence…?

Definitely not! A birthday party seems incomplete without the voices of children, a bunch of loved ones, and music. These are the things that bring life to the party. Similarly, music can mix the fragrance of joy in your life to cherish a few moments. Music is the Magic that can elevate your creativity as well. Turning on the audio device and listening to your favorite music will refresh and promote innovative thinking.


When we do any activity every day at the same time, our brain stores it permanently and gets used to it. In these activities, we work just like a machine. Confuse your brain any random day by not doing the same activity. This will keep your brain alert and attentive.

This can be done in various ways. Taking a new route to reach the office, having a coffee in a different cafe, reading a new book, changing the workspace and many such activities will break your usual experience and the brain will try to record the change.


Exercise your Brain

Most of the people love the task of eating food. What if, this will help you to sharpen your brain.?

Including some fats, proteins in the diet can help you to work on your brain. Fish oil containing Omega-3 fatty acids, almonds, walnut seeds, and protein should be included in the diet. Reducing the number of trans fats can also help take care of the brain. Along with the food, water is equally important for the brain to work efficiently. Don’t allow your body to dehydrate because this may cause dizziness and the brain will get fatigued.

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When you visit a wedding and return home, the next day you may remember few things about the wedding but do you remember the decor on the entrance, the backdrop, and the soothing music played there…?

Usually not, because we do not pay heed on it or feel the ambiance. This can happen many times in a day to day life. When we try to concentrate on the present, we remember things. This is referred to as mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness will teach you to experience things in a better way which will lead to good memorization.


Exercise your Brain

Whenever we talk about mental relaxation, meditation is the first and the most impactful activity that comes in our mind. Some people find it boring to do. Do meditation has some interesting types…?

Yes, meditation can be done in seven different types. These include mindfulness, transcendental, guided, vipassana, metra, chakra, and yoga meditations. Doing any one type of it can improve the fitness of your brain.


Improving brain power becomes easier when you try to learn new things. When we come across any new thing or a concept, what we do is get knowledge about it, coin our opinion about it and then involve it in our life. This process makes our brain to grasp, to analyze, and to learn.

Learning a new language has various cognitive benefits. Being able to speak in various languages makes a background for multitasking. Learning an instrument, a vehicle, a sport or any positive activity provokes your mind to tend towards creative solutions in the time of stress. This improves stress management as well as time management.

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Remember ‘once a student, always a student.’, thus there is no barrier of age to learn and improve the skills. You may also like tips to control brain ageing.

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