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Are you lacking motivation?

Are you lacking motivation? What to do when you have no motivation?

Do you have some great ideas that can work really well but you haven’t tried them yet…?

This happens not only with you but also with every person during the journey of life. We think about these ideas but don’t actually work on it.

Why do we tend to skip these great ideas…?

This is because we don’t have a strong vision or motive. Lack of motivation could be one of the reasons.

You might have come across a sluggish day or period when you can’t push yourself to work up to the mark. But when you hear about the deadlines and consequences, you get recharged mentally to finish the work in the time limit. This happens because we get a strong motive for the completion of work.

Does an increase in stress level is the way to get motivated?

Absolutely not! The feeling of motivation should always work in a positive way. Here are some elegant ways to get acquainted with motivation.


Do you have a lot to do and you are lying, doing nothing for a long time?

You should get up and tell yourself about the consequences of doing it and not doing it. This is one of the ways to achieve self-awareness. Self-awareness helps you to know what you exactly want. You get a clear vision of your goals, likes, and dislikes. This helps you to choose and lead on the path you want. When you really want to do any work, you put your energy into it to get good results.

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Have you seen children telling about their future profession?

Have you observed their confidence and excited faces?

This is because they visualize how it would be when they would be a doctor, a cricketer, an actor, a scientist, or anything else. You can also envision your ideas and goals when you feel low. This can make a clear picture of your success and failure in the task. Your subconscious mind will get aware of these situations and you will get a motivation to start work.

Are you lacking motivation

Open a window for blocked mind

Sometimes our mind experiences fatigue. This fatigue could be the result of hectic schedules, distress in the brain, or excessive lethargy. You don’t try to work on new things. You get used to the usual routine. This is where the mind tends to block.

Usual activities can not give you unusual results. You need to open a window of new and unusual activities for the mind. This can be done by learning a new language, sharpening cognitive skills, traveling, and even taking short yet creative breaks.

Seek positivity

Our brain works on the concept of processing data. What you feed is what you store. To achieve motivation about any task, you need to be positive in thoughts. If you have a negative and depressing thought process it becomes difficult to get motivated easily.

Positive thoughts make you happier and healthier. Biographies and books could be a great source of knowledge and hope. Read whenever you find it feasible. Let the ocean of knowledge inspire you.

Surrounding matters  

Choose the environment that keeps you motivated. Yes, you can choose what surroundings you want to be in. Surround yourself with the people who talk, think and act about the matters of your interest. Be with the people who correct, improve and guide you. This surrounding helps you to work diligently towards your goals.

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Are you lacking motivation

Satisfaction in work

There are many youngsters out there who are doing the work they are not satisfied with. Many times it is practically not possible for them to quit the current work and do something new. In such conditions what can motivate you to do better?

The positive points and the perks in your current workspace can do it for you. Any work should be done to gain satisfaction. This satisfaction motivates you to work hard and hit the goal.

Aim big and Take small steps

Is it easy to live a dream in real life?

The inspiring lives of great people have proved that it is not easy. You will face many unexpected hiccups while working towards your dream. Because success is not sudden, it is a gradual process. Let your dream be high like sky but remember to take small steps. Your every small effort no matter a fail or triumph motivates you to go ahead. Be an inspiration of your own. Let the world get inspire from you.

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