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Author website design: 7 powerful tips for authors

Author website design: a checklist for all self-published authors

Are you searching for what your author website should be?

An author website is a great tool to promote your books. If yes, let’s discuss it. Very first thing is that it should be simple and impressive. Anything you put on your website should be in composition. The message you want to convey need not to be complicated like a spider web. The content you put on the website leaves an impact on your readers. Readers get engaged on-site and prefer it while searching. This helps to improve book sales.

While designing an author website few things should be clear in your mind. Read on to know more.


The purpose of any author website is to reach the maximum number of readers and to spread the word about their books. Make sure that your site coveys quality information about you, your books, and book launch events. Thus the design of the site should highlight your written matter and book covers. The use of primary colors in dark shades should be avoided. Fancy graphics and unclear fonts the time users spend on your site. Simple and readable font styles should be adopted. As mentioned earlier each page should be well-composed. Pay heed to the balance between the write-up and the number of images.

An Author bio

Readers get curious to know about the author when they like the content of the book. When readers call an author as ‘My favorite author.’, they talk about the writing styles and personality as well. The author’s bio on your site allows readers to know more about you. Here you can mention about your style of writing, your achievements, and upcoming projects. To make it simple and friendly you can add your hobbies and the activities that you prefer doing apart from writing.

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You can add your simple yet interesting skills. These can make readers remember you.

Links for ease

Your website should be the place which people find easy to know about your work and buy it as well. If you don’t mention the links or buy now button on your site, the reader will have to wonder about various options to buy your book. This can result in losing their interest. If you have the stock of your books then you can give payment options to order on site. But if you prefer a print-on-demand option you can direct your readers to Amazon from the site.

Sign-up box

Author website design

The sign-up box on site will help you to get the mail ids and names of the visitors. This makes it easy to communicate with your readers and spread the word about your new works. It takes some effort to add this box to your site.

To get readers to sign-up on your site you can offer a few discounts on books, free downloads of some chapters, or more such offers. The text in the box should be simple so that you don’t waste readers’ much time.

Add reviews and testimonials

Once the readers visit your site and book covers, they will seek the information and reviews on the book before buying it. Thus you should include the reviews by famous bloggers, writers, or your family and friends. Reviews by your regular readers also matter a lot. These help to convince the visitor on-site to buy your book. Thus don’t miss it.

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Interactive site

Let the site be interactive through the text, the pictures, and the graphics it has. Add the section where visitors can put their views on your books or writings. Include the links of your social media accounts. But make sure that the readers will find these accounts interesting, presentable, and worth visiting. The latest news about your works will not only engage the target audience but also will help you to stand as noteworthy in the writer’s world.

Stay original

Something that will help you lifelong is the quality of honesty and humbleness. While putting anything on your site be original. Try not to be fake and add something fascinating but not true. Earn the faith of readers through your work and it will be your greatest earning in life.

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