• Guide to self publishing
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    A powerful guide to self publishing

    A guide to self publishing your book Are you ready with your manuscript? It’s hard to find good guidance from other authors in the field of publishing, as most of the successful authors are busy promoting their books or in their day to day life. If the same is the case here is a guide to self publishing. Before you go for publishing, one should understand the different modes of publishing. As an author, you should go through the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing. This article is a beginner’s guide to self publishing a book. As a beginner, every writer is doubtful about how to proceed towards publishing.…

  • get a book published
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    How do I get a book published?

    Do you want to get a book published? You can publish your book traditionally or by self-publishing mode, in this article we will be discussing both these modes and the cost of publishing a book. Difference between Traditional and Self Publishing Are you done with the manuscript on which you have spent hours of effort? If yes, then here is not the end. A wide world of opportunities waiting for you out there. Your script can be the next best book of 2020. Many of us start writing on the genre of our interest. This time of weaving our ideas into words fills the author with excitement. A lot of…

  • Free Self Publishing
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    Free Self Publishing

    Free self publishing resources for authors Have you completed your manuscript or are you planning to publish your book? Getting the right publisher for your work is really a tough job. While publishing a book there are some critical things an author shall consider in his/her mind. The key factors an author shall consider includes book trim size, cover design, editing, promotion etc. Book Trim Size: The most common trim sizes for standard fiction and nonfiction books include 5″ x 8″, 5.5″ x 8.5″, and 6″ x 9″. There are a number of other trim sizes an author can choose from, but studies say books with trim sizes 5″ x 8″, 5.5″ x 8.5″,…

  • Author website design
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    Author website design: 7 powerful tips for authors

    Author website design: a checklist for all self-published authors Are you searching for what your author website should be? An author website is a great tool to promote your books. If yes, let’s discuss it. Very first thing is that it should be simple and impressive. Anything you put on your website should be in composition. The message you want to convey need not to be complicated like a spider web. The content you put on the website leaves an impact on your readers. Readers get engaged on-site and prefer it while searching. This helps to improve book sales. While designing an author website few things should be clear in your…

  • Book Review Basics
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    Book Review Basics: 7 powerful steps for the beginners

    Book Review Basics: A Guide to Book Reviewers A book review is the best tool to network with authors and other reviewers. If you love reading it can be a great career option, where you will not just earn you can pursue your passion. The book review is a great tool to promote a book, so you are not living with your passion you are helping others too. Most of the self published authors rely on book reviews to promote their books. Book review not only helps you to earn but also help you to develop a digital presence globally. There are many successful book reviewer who is enjoying great…

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Editing
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    Do’s and Don’ts of Editing: Powerful Self Publishing Tips for authors

    Do’s and don’ts of editing Writing is always followed by editing. Editing is the process where you check and correct the written matter to improve it. Once you complete your manuscript it’s not over even though you have good writing skills. Editing is a crucial step in book publishing no matter you are a budding writer or an established writer. In traditional publishing, your manuscript goes in the hands of various editors appointed in the house. Once the contract is signed between the publishing house and the author, the publishing house takes the charge of editing the book by considering the writer’s views. While in self-publishing the author appoints the…

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    Book editor: 7 Powerful tips to become the best book editor?

    Do you want to be a book editor? If you love to read books, a job as an editor can be a dream come true. Book editors not just read and edit books they do a lot of things. “Book editor” is one of the highly paid profile in the publishing industry. As most of the authors today are inclined towards self publishing, book editors have a plenty of opportunities these days. All you want to know about editing a Manuscript is discussed here. Make sure your grammar is impeccable No one is perfect and you may come across some grammar rules you haven’t heard before. This is when you bring out your…

  • Author Interviews
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    Power packed Author Interviews: India’s no.1 author magazine

    Author Interviews We know it’s difficult to reach the right readers for an author. But now it’s easier with our magazine, submit your article and we will share it with our 65,00,000 subscribers network. India’s only magazine dedicated to authors – Authorpreneurs Submit your basic info, one of our executive will reach you Inside brain India’s best self publishing platform.

  • Self Publishing a Book
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    Self publishing a book: 8 powerful tips

    Checklist for self publishing a book Are you excited to publish your book? If you have completed the manuscript and want to see it on the shelves of retailers then you should think of publishing it. A book can be published traditionally or self-published. Publishing a book involves various aspects such as editing, designing, printing, and marketing. Your book has to go through these steps in both traditional and self-publishing. In traditional, the publishing house looks after all the aspects from editing to marketing and keep maximum royalties. Self-publishing is something where the author is the one who decides who will work on which part of the book. If you…

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