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A guide to self publishing your book

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It’s hard to find good guidance from other authors in the field of publishing, as most of the successful authors are busy promoting their books or in their day to day life. If the same is the case here is a guide to self publishing.

Before you go for publishing, one should understand the different modes of publishing. As an author, you should go through the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing.

This article is a beginner’s guide to self publishing a book. As a beginner, every writer is doubtful about how to proceed towards publishing. In traditional publishing, once your manuscript is accepted by the publishing house, the house looks after major steps in publishing. While self-publishing shows great contrast where you are the one who takes the responsibility for everything. But the advantage with self publishing is you can be a published author in a short period of time.

Self-publishing has become popular among writers worldwide. This mode of publishing has opened a huge space of opportunities for them. If you want complete creative control over your book you can go for self publishing. Here is a small guide to self publishing that can answer your most common doubts and questions about self publishing.

Rise of self-publishing

Mankind evolved gradually on this earth in terms of living styles. Similarly, humans developed numerous fields and sectors in all aspects. One of these is conveying own experiences or observations in the form of written matter. This began right from the ancient period when humans tried to tell something through cave paintings. Soon pictorial forms, scripts were developed. These were refined with the period and handwritten works became a source of knowledge and records.

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1440 is the year when the printing press came into existence. The printing press brought revolutionary changes in publishing and distributing books. The published work reached the maximum number of readers and traditional publishing grew worldwide.

The Digital revolution has sped up almost every industry. The use of the internet and wireless communications made things quicker and easier. Earlier the writer was not able to control every step in publishing the book. But the scenario changed when e-book publishing fixed its roots in the 1990s. Amazon’s programs and reading online changed the perspective of writers and readers worldwide.

What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is a mode of publishing; an art or own creation without involving any publishing house. In this, an author or an artist can publish and promote their creative work by having complete control of each process. The author is the one who takes decisions about designing, printing, formatting and even marketing on own expenses in self-publishing. Freedom to hire people for work and to choose platforms and promotional programs, creative control and considerable royalties are the perks of self-publishing.

Why self-publishing?

guide to self-publishing

Why are modern writers tending towards self-publishing?

The trend of self-publishing is rising every year. This is because the authors can have complete ownership of their work and protect their rights. Here the writers don’t need to work under the deadlines given by the publishing house. They can decide where to publish and market their book. They don’t have to distribute the percentage of royalties after self-publishing. When a writer goes for e-book publishing on self expense it reduces the cost of printing and distributing considerably. The process may seem tiring but the learning experience and exposure you get is noteworthy.

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How to self publish a book?

Writing a book and getting the manuscript ready is the very first step. Once your manuscript is ready you need to edit it. Editing the manuscript can be done on your own or you can hire a person for this. Give a suitable and promising title for your book. Get your manuscript finalized after editing.

Once the editing job is over now the book needs a book cover. Remember book cover leaves the first impression on the reader before purchasing the purchasing decision is made. Thus designing the cover is equally important, and you should preferably hire a designer for this task.

You should search for good publishing platforms online or offline according to your convenience. Before finalizing such platforms seek thorough knowledge about them. Format the book and publish it. Wisely price your book. Marketing and promotion should be done by organising campaigns, floating offers and discounts. You need to be creative in attracting the readers as well.

Where to self publish?

You can self publish your work either online or offline. In offline mode, you need to look after the printing and distribution of the head copies of your book. While the online mode of publishing involves both ebook and print publishing as options. Lots of publishing programs can be found online. Amazon has opened a huge corridor of opportunities for writers. Apple has also launched some noteworthy programs.

Cost behind self-publishing

Self-publishing is funded by the author himself. Here you are the one who decides how much to spend on which task. Of course, self-publishing doesn’t mean doing everything all alone. You will need professional help to reach a published state of your book. You can decide the amount of money you invest according to your affordability. It may cost zero to infinity purely depends on the author.

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