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7 Powerful book marketing strategies

Are you looking for book marketing strategies?

Have you reached the stage of publishing your book?

If yes then you might be excited about how to reach your target audience effectively. When the author chooses the path of traditional publishing then the publishing house looks after in the marketing part. But if the book is being self-published by the author then broadening the accessibility of the book towards the readers is crucial. You have to be keen on the modes of marketing for your book. Marketing the book and connecting with the target audience needs preplanning and consistency as well.

Marketing can also start before the launch date of your book. You have to make readers curious about your book. To do this effectively you need to learn and explore creative ways to reach people. Identifying the target audience is important in marketing any product. The product should be marketed at the place where it is valued or needed.

The current scenario is demanding online works in many fields. Mobile and computers have become a mode of communication in each sector. How would you use these modes of reaching people to market your book?

Read on to understand these in a better manner.

Study popular books

Study popular books means to observe and analyze the features of the book. This will help you to know what makes the famous books to sell considerably along with the quality of content. The book cover design, title, and subtitle, price should be observed.

Do these things matter?

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Yes, the cover of your book has the first impact on the reader. A book with so many colors on the cover page that do not compliment the title is not preferable. The reader tries to get inside the book through its title. The subtitle should be complementary to the title if any. Reading the reviews about popular books clears your vision about what is exactly appreciated by the target audience.

Get reviews for your book

Book reviews help you to know the positive and negative points about the book. When you complete writing tries and gets reviews from various critics. This not only makes you understand your potential but also improves you.

Regular readers of your work will be pleased to give a review of a free copy of your book with a humble request. The good writers in your family and friends can also do this. It can be beneficial to get reviews on the paperback version of your book on Amazon. Goodreads is also a great platform for promoting your book before launching it. In these ways you get comments and people also come to know that your book is about to launch or has launched.

Create a Blog or website

Book marketing strategies

Blogging is one of the growing sectors worldwide. Professional writers to aspiring writers get their own space to write and reach to the readers through blogs. Make your profile and post articles on topics of your interest highlight your profile. Make sure that your content has quality so that the readers find it useful and engaging.

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In order to use it in marketing your book, you can plan a series of articles in context with your book. This will create basic knowledge and curiosity about the topic among the audience.

Collaborate and Contribute

There are many websites and online platforms that receive a huge number of quality readers every year. If you want people to read your content you should join, collaborate, or contribute with these sites. Participation in various contests or competitions can also bring you forward. You get the opportunity to flash your work and stand out. These small steps lead to great opportunities.

eBook Aggregators

Ebook aggregators help you to broaden the distribution of your book. When the author wants to deal with more than one company ebook aggregators are very helpful. They distribute your book to various retailers like Amazon, B&N, etc. They charge some money and keep some percentage of sells. They make sure that your book reaches on the shelves of famous platforms. They also give access to some channels having millions of subscriptions.

Goodreads Author Program

Sign in in the Goodreads author program. This is one of the well-known platforms to read other’s books and to promote the content. This platform is available for any author anywhere in the world. Here you can also arrange discussions with readers, get reviews, and engage your target audience. You should make your profile and let the world know about your book.

Social media and promotional programs

Book marketing strategies

Social media has its popularity worldwide and has become part of the day to day life. Millions of users on social media can be your audience. You can make your profile on these platforms and can post creative content to reach more people. Do not use so many platforms, be selective. Choose the Platforms that engages your target audience.

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Enrolling yourself in the promotion programs on Amazon can be beneficial. Amazon has huge traffic on its sites. KDP Select, Expanded Distribution Program, Amazon Author Central are some of the programs that can maximize your distribution. KDP offers royalties depending upon the sells. It also gives access to Kindle Unlimited. The expanded distribution program allows you to make your books available to retailers. You can list your books in the catalogs of distributors after enrolling in this program. Amazon Author Central allows you to make your page with the details of your books, events, videos, etc. The URL of this page can be shared to spread a word about it.


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