• Symptoms of COVID19
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    Symptoms of COVID19: All you want to know

    Symptoms of COVID19 In the last few months, the world has witnessed something unusual and devastating. Every new year starts with lots of expectations, hope, and plans. But the year 2020 has become a furious roller coaster for all of us. Almost every sector in every field has experienced unusual changes. The reason behind this is a major outbreak of a virus SARS-CoV-2. The disease caused by this virus is named as COVID-19. This has affected lakhs of people worldwide and the number is increasing at an atypical rate. The number of people faced death due to COVID-19 has raised a feeling of fear across the globe. This virus is…

  • Healthy eating tips during COVID
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    Healthy eating tips during COVID pandemic

    Healthy eating tips during COVID A few months back we all used to gather with friends, dine in restaurants, involve in group discussions, and many more. The current condition is drastically opposite. ‘Stay at home’ has become a necessity to stay safe. We need to accept and follow the norms. Following an unplanned routine can easily make you lazy. Maintaining a proper diet can boost your immunity. Having a good immune system is very important to fight back with diseases. Good nutrition allows your body growth and regulates vital functions. Current conditions demand very good immunity to stay safe because precaution is always better than cure. Good food habits are…

  • lose weight
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    Lose weight without reducing your food intake

    Want to lose weight… Are you concerned about your health? Health is something that you cannot compromise with. Hectic schedules and workloads can be managed very well if health is good. You might have seen people talking about losing weight and gaining weight. This is very common worldwide. Obesity or more weight than necessity is one of the common problems faced by people. Excess weight can bring unwanted changes in blood pressure, fat levels, and metabolic rate as well. Maintaining proper weight leads to balanced functioning in the body. Choosing a good diet plan for losing weight is a wise option. These diet plans reduce the amount of food in…

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