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Does writing speed can redefine your life?

Writing Speed and it’s importance in Graphology

Have you ever seen some parents or teachers talking about the writing speed of the child…?

We usually relate the speed of writing with academics and a few activities. But we forget that this speed of writing could be the reflection of one’s personality. Graphology is a wide area of study of handwritten graphism. Graphological analysis can reveal a treasure of personality traits, it can be based on your writing speed as well. The speed of writing represents the level of eagerness in activities and mobility. This defines how an individual deals with various situations in life. The speed of writing is related to the nervous system. Thus the strokes represent physiological aspects, comprehension, and mental processes.

The speed of writing not only shows intellectual abilities but also reflects how the person works in pressure. Degree of social adjustment, stability in work, and decision making can be predicted from the graphism. Your speed of writing shows your speed of information processing in the brain.

Mode of Analysis

The speed of writing is measured in letters per unit time. But doing this every time is not possible. The analysis of graphism in written text, strokes, and the size of letters talks a lot about one’s personality. This analysis consists of various things like:

  • Degree of persistence
  • Dynamics in writing
  • Rhythm in writing
  • Changes in strokes in various zones
  • Presence of Anomalies
  • Areas of writing
  • Cadence of writing

These are some basic points on which the speed of writing is analyzed. This analysis can not only show one’s perks but also helps in the detection of psychological disorders.

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Speeds in writing

There are various unique styles of writings people have adopted. These styles vary in speed and characters. There are a few types of speed that can be observed in writing.

Paused speed

When the speed of writing is relatively slow, it is termed as paused writing. In paused writing, the person does not rush to complete the task very soon. The person tends to introversion and the levels of reasoning are good. There exists passivity in writing and a good percentage of common sense. These people try not to prefer decision making and could be slow in various works.

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Normal speed

The average and middle speed of writing come under normal writing. The person having normal writing has good self-control and a balanced personality. The speed of work and decision-making abilities are better in these people. They do elegant work owning the high post and could be logical thinkers. They can relate to others easily.

Fast speed

Fast handwriting is characterized by incomplete and connected letters. Hustle in writing can be seen in the written matter. Progressive writing with the right slant can be observed. This shows proactivity, independence, and extroversion. These people could show great intuition. They can perform the task of subordination in a good way. Hasty, lack of concentration, and the ability to command are common. Mental agility, an increase in anxiety, and a lack of control can easily overpower on their emotions.

Very Fast speed

Incomplete letters in the handwritten matter can be seen with very fast writing. The brain is in so hurry that writing continues without even completion of the letters. The person writing in this manner owns a high level of anxiety and anguish. These types of people have a lack of concentration and attention. Rapid decisions, feeling to escape and loss of self-control can be observed. Emotional instability affects these people easily.

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Slow writing speed

There could be various reasons behind considerably slow writing speed. This could be due to excessive care while giving the writing strokes. Some people give larger spacing between letters, some may practice calligraphy, some may have regression in writing, this can also slow down the writing speed. Some people write in slow-speed despite any disorder or pressure. These people are very well organized and have great self-control. These are the intellects.

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