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Book editor: 7 Powerful tips to become the best book editor?

Do you want to be a book editor?

If you love to read books, a job as an editor can be a dream come true. Book editors not just read and edit books they do a lot of things. “Book editor” is one of the highly paid profile in the publishing industry. As most of the authors today are inclined towards self publishing, book editors have a plenty of opportunities these days. All you want to know about editing a Manuscript is discussed here.

Make sure your grammar is impeccable

No one is perfect and you may come across some grammar rules you haven’t heard before. This is when you bring out your grammar books and review grammar sites.

Sometimes rules and words change

Always keep yourself up to date!

How to become a book editor

Read and know the genre you are editing

It is important that you are not just familiar but well immersed in the genre you are editing. You must know the tropes, the expectations, and the needed plot points.

Lose yourself in the book like a reader

Read the manuscript for the first time as if you were a reader. Pay attention to your reactions, feelings, doubts, and questions. Raise these to the author.

There are two kinds of editing

Developmental editing = story flow:

Keep these in mind:

  • Understand what the author is trying to say: what story is she trying to tell?
  • How can you help her tell it best?

Copy editing = word flow

Keep these in mind:

  • If revisions need to be made, ask the author to do them
  • Work using track changes so author can see your edits
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Preserve the voice of the author

Discuss what the author wishes  to say before editing. Do not rewrite the story. Offer suggestions but allow the author to come to the conclusions and revisions herself.

Review the author’s revisions

Once you have given your suggestions, review the author’s changes. Be open minded and remember that it is still her book. But also point out your possible misgivings.

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