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7 powerful tips to feel less tired during the day?


The world is fascinated by goals, career, development, and much more. This resulted in our hectic schedules. While chasing the targets, to get worn out in a day is obvious. But the frequent inactive and sluggish day is not good.

After the working hours when your colleagues plan a party. Do you always refuse to join because you feel tired?

After a good night’s sleep do you seek your bed?

Do you feel low every time that you can’t put energy into your work?

If yes, then you need to curtail the activities that drain your energy.

To achieve a good energetic day, long workouts in the gym is not the only solution. Few simple activities can also keep you alert and attentive. Following are some tips to feel less tired during the day.

#1 Sleeping hours

The amount of sleep has a great impact on your mental and physical health. Sleeping hours less than the necessity could be one of the reasons behind your yawning day. However not leaving bed even after completing the sleep can also result in a sluggish day. An adult should get a sleep of 7-8 hours every day. Lack of sleep makes you susceptible to various disorders like anxiety, depression, and weak immunity. Snoozing alarm and getting more doses of sleep can cause obesity and diabetes.

#2 Carbs with protein

Do you have breakfast every morning?

Breakfast can give a healthy kick start to your day. But can a breakfast make you lethargic?

Yes, if your breakfast is loaded with carbohydrates and fats. This can work as a heavy dose for you. Proteinous food helps your body to create various enzymes and to repair tissues. The carbohydrates give you energy. Thus a perfect balance of protein and carbs regulates a good blood sugar level and keeps you charged. Add eggs, yogurt, fruits, juice in your breakfast.

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#3 Creative triggers

Continuation of the same work for a long time may lead to mental fatigue. Short breaks after every 2 hours can break this accumulation of fatigue in mind. Small activities in this break can give you a creative trigger. You don’t need to make a big painting or a model to achieve this. Make a paper plane, paper boat, sketch a cartoon, it is that simple. Let your favorite song play in the room, take a look outside the window, close your eyes, and count your breath for 2 minutes this will make you feel revitalized.

#4 Experience

You might wonder why people talk about experiencing and feeling things. This is because to feel a moment wholeheartedly our mind needs to be alert. A human mind is constantly involved in thinking and analyzing things around. This results in mental fatigue.

Thus many times we are in the place physically and not mentally. Many people get used to with the daily routine such that they don’t realize when they reached home from the office. They do the activities so mechanically that they forget to experience.

You can experience the moments by ceasing the hustle of thoughts in your mind. This can be achieved by practicing meditation. You don’t need to spend hours on it. 5 minutes of simple meditation can give immense freshness.

feel less tired during the day

#5 Water content

Water is one of the vital necessities of life. Good water content a day keeps the body functions properly. Water is equally important for the brain to be healthy. Many people miss drinking water while working. This leads to dehydration. Dehydration brings loss of energy and fatigue. Keeping a schedule for drinking water or keeping a water bottle nearby helps to maintain water consumption.

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#6 Filter the thoughts

Yes, you can filter your thoughts. You can avoid negativity and be inviting towards positive thoughts. Sometimes you have a bad or embarrassing situation, you think about it frequently and this results in tiredness. You may get angry sometimes, if you allow this anger to overpower you then you may lose your sound sleep and enthusiasm.

To avoid these things you should try to stay positive. Read a good book, watch comedy shows, talk with a friend, dance for some time, or engage in your favorite activity. This will help you to make your day a happy day.

#7 Laughter

Laughter is the best and natural way of beating fatigue. When you laugh the tension and stress level decreases considerably. This results in the relaxation of the body and boosting the immune system. Read a joke, watch a hilarious movie, try to crack jokes if you can, or talk to a fun spreading personality in your life.

If you incorporate these simple things in your schedule, you can find your day is no more lethargic and sluggish.

We all have that one colleague or a friend who does the same work we do in a day but they are full of energy and enthusiasm every time. You might wonder about ‘do they don’t get tired?’.

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