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6 Natural ways to boost memory


“I forgot to do that mom.”

“Sorry I forgot.”

These are some common dialogues by many children. Is forgetting something is a serious issue…?

Not many times. This happens with many people around the world due to the hectic schedules. But when you forget things frequently, it becomes frustrating. This can happen with the children as well.

Forgetting pencils, material for craftworks, etc. can make them frustrating as well. This can be avoided by few memory boosting activities and games.

At the early age of 3-6, taking efforts to boost their memory can become beneficial for the children lifelong. The natural ways to boost memories involve some fun puzzles, a healthy intake of food, and much more.

Here are some effective ways to strengthen children as well as family’s memory power. This can safeguard them from unwanted frustrations.

Natural ways to boost memory


When it comes to relaxing the mind, meditation is the best and most effective activity to do. It is the time when we try to cease the flow of thoughts in mind. This results in soothing and calm mental health. Some researches show that meditation helps to increase the grey matter in the brain. This matter consists of neuron cell bodies.

Meditation not only reduces the stress level but also improves one’s memory. Children are not matured enough to perform higher stages of meditation thus basic and easy types of meditations should be introduced to them.

Natural ways to boost memory


Add more and more green vegetables, fruits, and cereals in the diet. This will help to get various vitamins important for the body. Make sure that you do not have a diet loaded with sugar content. Researches show that sugar-laden dishes in the diet may affect the area of the brain which stores short-term memory. Reduced brain volume is also a problem that can be faced due to the increased amount of sugar. Thus have control over the amount of sugar in a child’s diet.


Sleeping is related to the relaxation of the mind as well as other body parts. Memory consolidation is also a major part of sleeping. In this, the short-term memories are converted into long-term memories. Lack of sleep can result in poor memory. Parents should take care of the sleeping time of the child because children spend a lot of time playing and thus relaxing becomes important for them.

Natural ways to boost memory


Consuming fish oil has many benefits for health. The fatty acids in fish oil reduce inflammation, help in the performance of the heart. Fish oil consists of omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the fish oil can also help to improve the memory.


Playing brain games is a child-friendly way to work on their memory skills. The brain games can help anyone to give some time for memory boosting. The games like Sudoku, puzzle, Crosswords, and many more are effective in training the brain. Board games can also make this easier.

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Exposure to the sunshine and fresh air is important to synthesize Vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D helps in organized cell growth and good heart function. Low level of Vitamin-D leads to problems in vital body functions and may cause Dementia. Dementia is a disorder related to the thinking process. To avoid this, a child should be allowed to play in the open court for some time.

These are some natural and impactful ways of boosting memory which can help children as well as adults. Having a good memory will improve one’s performance in day to day life. Remember that ‘a healthy mind can create happier surroundings.’

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