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Preparing for college emotionally, not just academically


Have you ever seen a teen getting ready for college life…?

The time when all the formalities are finished and students have 15-20 days to go to college. This is the time where bags are packed. Parents try to equip their children with all the things possible. The majority of students have a feeling of joy for the coming journey of life.

When the students are so excited about the college can you guess the reason behind the statement ‘I was not prepared for the college’?

Researches show that 60% of students say that they weren’t emotionally prepared for college life. Every parent works on providing the basic things required but what about the mental state of the student.

Does the college life is only about the academics and studies…?

Definitely not! It is a part of life which makes the student familiar with the various new things which can stand as an eye-opener for them. They come across rigorous academic schedules, some extracurricular activities, and the issue of time management arises. Coping up with the new people around, dealing with some good as well as bad situations can make them stressed. This is the part that can act as a high-end emotional rollercoaster for the students. They get away from the comfort zone they used to be in. This can frustrate them sometimes. It becomes hard for many of them to get their social niche in the large campus away from the family.

Here are the few things that can be introduced by parents while preparing their ward for college life.

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According to research from New York University talking with the child about the changing phase of life is very important. Making them familiar with the situations they may come across can make up their subconscious mind to face them. Create an environment that they feel free to talk about their problems, confusion, and some decisions.

When the child is away from home

‘I am with you’

‘I trust you’ could be the simple sentences with great power for them.


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Yes, don’t help the child to fix every problem. Let them take some steps of their own. Let them try to think about the solutions to the problem they are going through. You can guide them sometimes. Helping them every time would not allow them to grow their thinking process and decision-making skill. When the child is depressed about something, parents can encourage them emotionally but allow them to solve the problem on their own. The goal is to improve them as a person and not making them feel alone.


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When the child faces a completely different schedule at college, they may get difficulty in dealing with the various things in a day. If the child is habitual to planning things according to preference, this will automatically continue in their college life. The goal of every institution is to develop the personality of student and hence multitasking is incorporated. Planning is the core of a hectic schedule. Thus this habit can make the child’s life easier and can lower the stress as well.

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Before going to college teenagers are used to the surrounding where family cares about them every time. But when they get away from the home while dealing with the new people, surrounding and conditions self-care is greatly ignored.

Due to the tight schedule majority of students sacrifice night sleep. This gradually becomes a habit and can affect their health a lot. Getting regular exercise and good food habits can balance their physical as well as a mental state. Talking with them about the benefits of good health on work quality can be helpful.


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Have you seen a teenager who did so well in high school is depressed in his college life…?

A negative approach towards the surrounding conditions could be one of the reasons. Being firm about some decisions and ready to face the problems is the nature that every teenager cannot adapt easily. Frustrations for short time normally happens with everyone. But when someone is away from home trying to think positively is very important.

If the child is grown in the surrounding with a positive approach then it can help the child in college life as well. Before sending them away from home, parents should make sure that the child has a basic positive approach towards the situations.

College life is the part of life where the child learns to survive as an independent individual. This journey can make them face the conditions that they had not thought of before. Thus these are the basic things that can prepare your ward to deal with college life wisely.

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