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Self publishing a book: 8 powerful tips

Checklist for self publishing a book

Are you excited to publish your book?

If you have completed the manuscript and want to see it on the shelves of retailers then you should think of publishing it. A book can be published traditionally or self-published. Publishing a book involves various aspects such as editing, designing, printing, and marketing. Your book has to go through these steps in both traditional and self-publishing. In traditional, the publishing house looks after all the aspects from editing to marketing and keep maximum royalties. Self-publishing is something where the author is the one who decides who will work on which part of the book.

If you want to grab the benefits of self-publishing, and ready for self publishing a book, here are some steps that you need to follow.


Before heading towards publishing one must try to find the genres that engage readers. You can study the latest trends and popular sub-genres. This will give you an idea about the demand for topics and matters that you have written. This helps to know the target audience.

Get the manuscript ready

Create a well-written draft of your book. Make sure that the manuscript has no grammatical mistakes. The manuscript is something that you offer to the editor you hire for further editing. In self-publishing, you can hire an editor who will help you in making the manuscript ready to print. Inside Brain takes care of every aspect of self-publishing.

Take feedback

To take the final draft towards perfection, feedback from different people is important. Offer your manuscript to a few readers, content reviewers, and editors to check. This will lead you to correct what you have missed unknowingly. The feedbacks will allow you to understand the interest of readers in the matter you have written.

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Establish a team

Self Publishing a Book

If you think that in a self-publishing author is the only one who works then you must know that one person is not enough in the process of publishing. You need a designer for the cover page, an editor to edit the final draft, quality reviewers, selected retailers, and many more. So the best way is to establish the team that you want to work with. Here is the advantage of handpicking the people you find best.

Seek professional reviews

Reviews from professionals are important not only to improve your work but also to promote your book. The readers prefer going through these reviews before purchasing the book. Thus these reviews can be put on your website and in the details about your book.

ISBN and Copyright

You can apply for ISBN and copyright, ISBN is referred to as an international standard book number a mandatory requirement for book distribution globally. This gives your book a unique identity in the form of a traceable number. Most of the self-publishing houses can help you in this regard.

Printing options

Choose printing options like offset printing or print on demand. Set price for your book depending upon the quality of content and profit margin you want. Do not price the book more than what is reasonable and consider marketing techniques while pricing. Mention the publishing date and minimum information required on the back cover.

Promotion and marketing

Promotion leads to good sells of your book. You need to plan the timelines for promotion on various platforms. Get thorough knowledge about the promotional programs before you register your book on it. Create a website or you can also use your blog to spread a word about the book among your readers.

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A pre-order option is a good option to access more readers. Collaborate with online promotional programs and retailers to add your book to the list of available books. Public relations and advertising campaigns can also help in promotion and marketing.

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