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The hidden traits of Narendra Modi: signature analysis of Narendra Modi?

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi

In a democratic country like India, the Prime Minister is the person with the highest responsibilities. An authority associated with the core of coordinating and overseeing the government works through various ministries.

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi is one of the most famous politicians among the people of India. There is hardly a corner of our country where people do not discuss his works or about him. Some people support him, some criticize the leadership but one or the other way people consider him as a great leader.

When it comes to famous personalities, people consider them as an inspiration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an inspiration for his supporters. People try to know more about him in various ways. Graphology is one of these ways.

In Graphology, Graphologists study handwriting and signature of people to get to know in detail about them. Handwriting is directly associated with the thought process in the brain thus it reflects various qualities of the person. While the signature is the mark that person wants to show in public.

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s signature also reveals his traits. What his (different) signatures reveal about him.

Defensive personality

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi
File:Signature of Narendra Modi (English).svg - Wikimedia Commons

The signature with a big round around the initial word shows that the person is protective of self. They try not to get close to people. They may be defensive in public. They are more interested in knowing the motives of people around them this results in fewer close friends.

Illegible signature

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi
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When the letters in a signature are not readable and clear, it is termed as an illegible signature. Legible is the opposite of it. When the letters are not very clear it is difficult to know the person easily. The person is not interested in showing the emotional side of his personality. This shows that the person wants to remain mysterious.


Signature analysis of Narendra Modi

Just a single initial in the signature instead of the full name shows that the person does not want to be very approachable. The person wishes to maintain distance and be reserved. It indicates the desire to be noticed but not to be known thoroughly. Along with the handwriting sample if the signature analysis is done can help the graphologist to understand the person in a better way.

No personal talks

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi

This signature indicates that prime minister Narendra Modi tries not to indulge in long personal talks. In public, he avoids talking about himself. He prefers the discussions regarding work and plans. This shows that the person is not interested in revealing self beyond the necessity. He is comfortable in professional talks than personal discussions.

Two dots

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi

The two dots at the end of the signature show restriction. It signifies a hidden wall between their own and others. The two dots state that the person likes to have the final word in his matters of interest. He prefers his own opinion about various things. Such personality tries not to get diverted from the goals easily.

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Vital characters

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi

Vital characters of a person can be understood through handwriting analysis. Signature is the gesture on paper that the person wants to show publically. Signature shows how the person wants the people to perceive him. There might be a difference in traits shown in signature than that of normal handwriting. Thus it is important to study a sample of handwritten text as well to know more about prime minister Narendra Modi. His different signatures reveal that he doesn’t want to show his vital characters to the outer world.

Other signature of prime minister Narendra Modi

Signature analysis of Narendra Modi
File:Signature of Narendra Modi (Hindi).svg - Wikimedia Commons

The signature where he writes his name, as well as surname, reflects his boosted self-confidence and various social skills. Here we can read the first name which means there is legibility in the signature. This indicates that prime minister Narendra Modi believes in communication and transparency in words.

The slant in letters shows that the person takes decisions tending towards the brain than the heart. He can talk about his plans clearly and has no desire to hide. This person has a clear vision and opinions. He is confident in presenting his thoughts and this is what a leader needs to cherish as quality.

This is a basic analysis, as his signature has many versions. A clear picture usually appears when we analyse ones handwriting and signature.

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