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Sushant Singh Rajput: What his signature tells about him?

Signature analysis of Sushant Singh Rajput

Every person owns unique personality traits. People differ in skills, qualities, and strength as well. If you find math easy, someone may find it quizzy. If your friend has fond of swimming, you may not have the same interest. Similar conditions can be seen in the type of personalities and behaviours. Thus everyone has one’s own style of handwriting and signature. Handwritten text in the form of signature is the footprint of one’s personality and vital characteristics.

We can understand people when we meet, greet and interact with them. But what if the person is not in front of us. How will one know the character details of someone without any interaction?

This can be done if we take help from graphologists. Graphology is the science of interacting with a person’s handwriting and signature. The matter we write is linked with the nervous system thus it is considered as graphism of the unique universe of that person. This can show how the writer is connected with the surrounding emotionally.

Here we are going to talk about the signature analysis of a well known brilliant mind and skillful actor Sushant Singh Rajput. This analysis is based on the comments of professional graphologists. Graphologist is the person who is professionally skilled in the study of handwriting.

So let’s try to know what Sushant Singh Rajput’s signature reveals.

Letter S

The very first letter in the signature is ‘S’. In Graphology, letters are studied in three areas. These are upper area, middle area and the lower area. The upper extension of the ‘S’ here is an inclined line. The inclination towards the right shows that the writer has good feelings for other people. The person tends towards the feelings of kindness, sympathy. The person is generous and helpful as well.

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If we notice the way of writing the inclined line in S then we will see that the line starts from the bottom then goes up and again comes down to continue further. This means that the person takes extra responsibility for the people around.

At the end of the inclined line in S, there is an angle. This angle shows discomfort in talking now. When you are not very much comfortable and open to the surrounding, people also tend to do the same sometimes.

Dot “.”

The immediate dot after first S reflects the wall or boundary. This means the person is quite reserved. There is nothing bad or good in this quality, it depends upon the situation. For example, if you work in the police department you need to keep some confidential when you are with close friends you try to be very frank and approachable.

Letter R

The letter R is significant while analysing this signature. We can see a huge loop formed while writing this letter R. The letters from deep down, go up and go a loop to continue further. This shows that the person is emotionally sensitive. The lower extension of R here shows action. The loop reflects sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Letters between R and t

The letters between ‘R’ and ‘t’ are quite unclear and small in size. This shows that the person is not very good at communicating and mixing with many people. He tries not to share everything with everyone.

Letter T

Letter ‘t’, at the end of the signature, reflects sensitivity towards mental criticism. There is a formation of a loop in the upper extension of the ‘t’. This signifies sensitivity. The dot at last also shows the boundary.

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This is the step by step analysis of one of the talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The signature shows how he was a kind, helpful and generous person. This had also been seen in his behaviour with everyone around him. He was a man with great fame and wealth, but at the same time, he was down to earth and kind. The signature analysis shows that he was a thoughtful and bright person. Unfortunately, he is not among us right now, but he will always be in our hearts.

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