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The connection between handwriting and your married life

Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments in everyone’s life. It is the dream which grants happiness to the couple. Many couples step into the aisle for marriage with hope and affection. The gradual maturity in the relationship makes them aware of the compatibility.

Compatibility is the ability to be together in harmony. Some surveys show that most of the divorce cases have incompatibility as a core reason. In some cases, the couple is unable to know each other well and after the marriage, there is a feeling of regret. You can not thoroughly know one is fake or real with you, but you can definitely try to understand basic traits. This may help you to grasp how to deal with the person efficiently as well.

Can one determine the compatibility of the partner before ending up in a major decision?

Definitely yes! The behavior thought process, and the ability to take decisions of the person you are thinking about tell a lot about that person. We can not get that straight and very easily. Now here comes the role of handwriting.

Graphology is the science of analyzing handwriting. Handwriting is the graphism on paper which reflects the writer’s personality. The written matter by your partner can tell the details that you crave for. Does this can help an already married couple?

Yes, it can. The question that may arise is ‘How?’.

A married couple is sometimes unable to understand each other. The changes in the partner’s behaviour may add a conflict point between them. In such situations, if you are aware of your partner’s thought process and traits, you won’t face difficulties in understanding. The graphological studies may help you to know your partner’s likes, dislikes, exciting buzzes, and personality traits like introversion or extroversion.

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Graphologist is the person who practices Graphology professionally. You may take help from a graphologist to revitalize your married life by knowing more about your partner. Some people like to talk, some may not, some may like parties, some may prefer evening walks. Similarly what exactly your partner is interested in could be identified from handwriting. Adding simple activities in your lifestyle that will give your partner a smile, could result in a happy married life.

Any handwriting is studied by considering the aspects like size of letters, use of slants, the spacing between letters, speed of writing, etc.

Small letters show an inclination towards introversion. These people are not very excited about expressing their feelings. While the person with bold letters in writing shows extroversion.

The speed reflects mental health and intellectual abilities. High speed shows the feeling of escape and sometimes mental agility. Slow speed could be the representation of a composed person.

Graphical continuity

The connectivity between the letters in a word and the written strokes defines the continuity of the writing. This continuity is studied in terms of cohesion, regularity and variability.

Cohesion shows deductive-inductive thinking, regularity shows consistency in work while variable writing also reveals few traits.


In Graphology, extensions of letters are studied. The analysis of upper extensions, middle area and lower extensions of letters show the inclination of letters to right or left. This inclination can give an idea about the social approach of the writer.

Left slanted letters in handwriting shows a kind and honest person. The person with the right slant in writing may not take interest in gatherings.

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Unclear and illegible writing shows that the person may tend to hide things. These people may show poor communication skills and try to hide things. Legible writing is associated with an easy-going personality.

Graphology is vast to be studied. The more you study, the more you gain about it. Try your hands on Graphology by learning and practicing professionally.

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