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Traits of a good parents


All the parents take care of their children in the best possible way. They love care and concern about the child. However, major differences can be seen in parenting styles worldwide. We can not fix anyone as the best way of parenting. Because the one best in your mind could be the second-best for others.

 In spite of the numerous opinions, there are some common traits in every good parenting. These are related to the efforts on personality development, introducing morals and skillful upbringing of the child.

Incorporate morals

The morals children learn in their childhood have a permanent impact on their lives and thought processes. Good parenting involves simple efforts of incorporating these morals. Short stories, examples from biographies help the parents in this task. This can be efficiently done by parent’s behavior as well.

When you say ‘sorry’ for your mistake, children grasp it quickly. Similarly greeting and respecting everyone, using good words in conversations, control on the pitch of voice in anger, etc can teach the child respectful behavior, socializing, and calmness. Parent’s behavior is the live example for the children about how to lead on the life journey.

Giggle with the child

Time is the best gift you can give to your children. Hanging out, playing together, family picnics can open a window of fun for them. This will add to the good memories of their childhood. You might miss this due to hectic schedules but your 10 minutes a day with the child can add more grace in your beautiful relation. Have ice cream with them, watch cartoons, create a paper boat with them. This will give immense pleasure to the child and make them happier.

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Give them a routine

As the child grows gradually they don’t know how to spend the 24 hours of the day. Thus giving them a routine introduces them with time management. Forcing a toddler to follow strict routines is not a sign of a good parent. Let things be feasible according to their age and level of understanding. Good parenting involves creative ways to teach discipline. Discipline should be a way to make things proper and not scary words for children.

Be a companion, not an instructor

Would you call a harsh and dominating parent a good parent?

Absolutely not! A good parent is one who walks with the child while taking steps and not push the child to be perfect all alone. Guide the child, support them, and let them learn new things. Putting lots of expectations, yelling and bullying can vanish an innocent smile within minutes.

Gift them freedom

Usually, parents take the utmost care of the child from birth. Gradually they may develop the feeling of possession over the child. This can result in an anxious and irritated teen. Allow the child to make friends on their own. Let them fix the small problems they face. Let them think about the solutions to various situations. This will not only make them creative but also thoughtful. Good parenting focuses on developing an independent personality in the children. Thus when the children enter the teenage, they feel free to express themselves and can survive as a confident person.


Let them know your affection

Loving the child is obvious in the parents but showing love and affection is equally important. Let them know that they are important to you. Cherishing their achievements, appreciating their drawing and clapping for them boosts their self-confidence. Small gifts, love note in a lunch box and your palm on their head strengthen your bond.

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Give them healthy surrounding

A healthy surrounding for children refers not only to the clean environment but also to good people around them. Good parents keep a note of the people with whom the child spends the time. The place where the child is safe or not, the friends and people around the child are trustworthy or not, these are the doubts that a good parent tries to clear first. Knowing about children’s safety should be the priority of every parent.

Value the words

Sometimes parents get angry with the child. The reason could be anything like a bad day, tired mind, or irritation. It happens, we all are human after all. But a good parent knows how to deal with such a situation. Yelling and abusing the child in anger and then saying ‘sorry’, is not a better way. Because even though you say sorry but the child remembers the words thrown.

Thus a parent should have control over words. You should know the power of harsh and soothing words as well. When you learn to value your words, you teach your child the same. Tell them how to use words from your behavior. Verbal abusing and bulling the child should never be done.

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