Working memory issues in child
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Working memory issues in child: 6 powerful tips to deal with it

Working memory issues in child

Have you seen your child forgetting the activities the child was doing a few minutes back…?

This could happen one or more times rarely but frequent repetition could indicate poor working memory. Working memory is the ability to store the processed information for a short time and use it to continue the task. Working memory is also known as WM. This is a mechanism that helps us to remember and proceed with the chain of short activities. This ability is one the state of development in children thus they may face difficulties sometimes.

If you think that your child is alone who is struggling with this problem then you must know that according to the researchers from Durham University, 10%of school children across all age ranges suffer from poor working memory.

Does poor working memory states that the child is not a good learner…?

Definitely not! You can help the child with working memory issues by some simple fun activities and strategies. This will not only improve the child’s working memory but also various skills in day to day life.


Working memory issues in child

You must have seen a child interested in using various devices like mobile, computers, etc. This interest can be positively utilized to improve their working memory. Various brain games should be allowed to play for some time every day. Make sure that these games are simple and feasible for the child. Introducing hard brain games initially may not help the child.

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Working memory issues in child

Visualization is an important part of remembering things. Allow your child to draw on paper based on their imagination. This can also be done by giving any situation and asking them to draw it. Drawing involves thinking, imagining, and putting it on the paper this stands impactful in improving visualization. Gradually when children get comfortable with it then the task of describing an image by imagining it in mind becomes easier for them.


Don’t throw a big chunk of information towards the child and force them to memorize it. This can only make the child tensed. Take small steps. Divide the large information into smaller assignments and make it easier for the child to remember. This will reduce the stress of the child in learning. Small packs of information will help in boosting the working memory.


Working memory issues in child

Have you ever asked your child to identify various materials by smelling them…?

If not, try it. Ask the child to close the eyes and identify any flower from its fragrance. Such fun activities will sharpen the child’s senses. Learning the poem using audio devices, visual presentations to describe the science concepts can help the child to memorize quickly and impactfully. Playing with various geometrical shapes made of paper or any other material can give them an idea of objects through the sense of touch.


When the child tends to forget a few things, revision plays an important role. Parents should never pressurize the child to revise. They should find some creative ways that will make the task of revision interesting.

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If you ask the child to teach you what he/she has learned in a day then the child will like to explain it to you like a teacher. This will not only give them joy but also playfully revise everything.


The cup game is a very simple yet popular game. You can play this using 2-3 cups placed upside down. Hide a small ball or any small object under one cup. Ask your child to keep an eye on the cup which is hiding the object. Now mix up all the cups and tell the child to choose the correct one. It is one of the fun games which will not only elevate the child’s excitement but also boost the memory.

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